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Revision of Hwayoung [13]

Let's compare her with 2 single target damage dealer, and one poster child of op:

W.SchuriHwayoungRimururuAngelic Angelica
Needs aggro stat to work?YesMostSomeNo
Can you set up against it?Yes (Invincibility, skill nullifier etc)Yes (Invincibility, skill nullifier etc)Hard (Buff copy)No (No setup works against her)
Hard to kill?NoTankier than usualYes (Limits enemy action/comp greatly)Yes
Speed?Normal~FastMostly Normal~FastNormal~Fast, with passive CR pushMostly very fast, with passive CR push
Build is predictable?YesMostlyMostlyNo
DamageExtremely HighExtremely HighExtremely HighLittle
Good against all comps?NoPartlyMostlyMostly
Affects Evasion?LittleYesPartlyYes
Worst Result?Lose 1 heroLose 1 hero, following S1 damageLose 1 hero, buffs and debuffs4 heroes disabled


Slightly advantaged


Very advantaged

Conclusion: Hwayoung is better than W.Schuri, but not even close to Rimururu level.

Q: Is Angelic Angelica comparable to the other three?

A: Of course, comparing only one dimension is not meaningful.

But if we compared a lot of aspects and find out our girl is superior in almost every way, we know thing's not right.

Q: Does Hwayoung one shot everything?

A: No. A lot of times, her S3 leaves tanky targets* with 10%~20% health.

* 25~30k hp non-earth hero, or 20k hp non-earth hero with damage sharing or mitigation.

Q: So who are worse?

A: Let me put it this way (Nerf priority):

Must be nerfed:

Angelic Angelica, Rimururu, C.Lilias

Should be nerfed:

Belian, A.Ravi, Ran/Peira + S.Iseria/Eda comp

May be nerfed:

Hwayoung, SC Carrot, Rem/A.Mercedes (Questionable counter rng), A.Ravi + Ruele in RTA

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    2022.06.20 14:07 (UTC+0)

    Yes I think we already know that 

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    2022.06.20 16:07 (UTC+0)

    Why aren't you comparing cooldowns? Hwayoung has 1 turn shorter CD while also getting cr push with every S1, her soul burn is also extra turn which would reduce CD further.

    I haven't faced a lot of full dmg slimes(crit builds), but the ones I've seen can't oneshot tanky units if they dont have buffs (S3 dmg scales with number of buffs), not saying he isn't busted(he is), just saying he has a harder time oneshotting units than the other two from what I've seen.

    Not sure why Aol is here, serves no purpose other than to meme.

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    2022.06.20 16:08 (UTC+0)

    I mean they might aswell nerf her b/c im banning both Hwayoung & Rimuru via double pre ban everytime this season since players in Masters can do so now.

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    2022.06.20 16:09 (UTC+0)

    Honestly I think this is a problem:
    "Q: Does Hwayoung one shot everything?

    A: No. A lot of times, her S3 leaves tanky targets* with 10%~20% health.

    * 25~30k hp non-earth hero, or 20k hp non-earth hero with damage sharing or mitigation."

    Looking at her S3 she has always come off to me as a units meant to oneshot high hp targets, yet the counterplay to her is to just stack more health. At the same time, low hp units still get oneshot by her, which feels completely backwards.

    I think they should "buff" her by giving her a higher increase to S3 dmg vs high health targets, but nerf the base dmg so that she wouldn't be good at dealing with low hp units anymore, but wouldn't struggle with high hp ones.The S1 armour pen on the uberous like proc might also need a hp scalling so she doesn't clap squishy units as hard.

    She also needs a higher Cd on her S3 imo, but that's a different conversation.

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    2022.06.21 02:07 (UTC+0)

    Hwayoung should nerf her barrier or lower cdmg reduction to 15%.

    She shouldn't be this tanky with her dmg, utility and low S3 CD she has.

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    2022.06.21 03:07 (UTC+0)

    Personally i think hwayoung is fine, her mechanic is interesting. 

    But the problem is several things. 

    1, if she use uberius tooth it just mean she kill anybody even with s1 since she do 8k-10k per hit or even more. 

    2, her s3 can pop twice, ( this show how low her cooldown is, and her s1 just speed up her s3 to do it again) 

    3. She also do that extra damage which proc the uberius too through the dual attack which in 100% synergy with c lilias. 

    Several ways to kinda make her not that OP is 1 of 2 things. 

    1, her s3 need to be increased by 1 turn. 

    2, her s1 should only proc when on her own turn. 

    If not then she will be viable as the most damaging single attacker in entire epic seven, unless they release another 6k+ atk which can crit 

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    2022.06.21 06:00 (UTC+0)

    Typical TC and his terrible hot takes which go against established data from actual high level play. This is how we know you understand absolutely nothing about the game and have poor analytical ability.

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    2022.06.21 11:13 (UTC+0)

    Compare her to Dark Corvus, the original one shot.

    Hwayoung +

    - 6 turns shorter cooldown

    - Better Survival

    - Self Cleanse

    - Self CR Push

    - Much Faster

    - Less Stat requirement

    - No Soulburn required

    - No setup required

    Dark Corvus +

    - Element Neutral

    We already know this unit is broken beyond any balance change other than a nerf

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