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Light Expedition Boss Turn Timer Pickle

Hello. I have noticed that during the third phase of the light expedition boss, the turn timer gets reduced by 2 instead of 1, occurring regardless of the boss performing a double attack in this phase. After some experimentation, I have noticed that regardless of buffs present, the turn timer is not affected in the first two phases. Furthermore, regardless of whether the boss performs a double attack in the first two phases, the turn timer is always getting reduced by 2 instead of 1 in the third phase.

I have read through the skills and have noticed the passive about berserk occurring at the end of the 8th turn. I believe this is the cause of the turn timer being reduced by 2 instead of 1. Since I am relatively new to the game, I wonder if it is a buff to the boss since it is the newest boss for the expedition team. However, if not the case, I would like to suggest postponing berserk being procced until the end of the 9th turn. The main benefit of doing so is the diversity of teams for one shot, with other benefits including more consistency with boss behavior and more total damage produced.

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