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Alencia's Mind's eye in light expedition [3]

  • DudeWat
  • 2022.06.18 11:54 (UTC+0)
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She doesn't get the buff from her S2 even though it is supposed to happen during her turn
Edit: forgot to mention this was in second difficulty, not third

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    2022.06.18 19:19 (UTC+0)

    Light Expedition prevents passives from working 

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    작성자 2022.06.19 18:12 (UTC+0)

    @SuperPrinny[STOVE95991635]  I forgot to mention i was playing on second dificulty, where that isn't the case

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    2022.06.21 04:16 (UTC+0)

    Seal: Passive skill effect do not activate. This effect remains after reviving. Effective only agaist Heroes. Unaffected by any effect related to debuffs.  

    its has the 2 "?" gold icon

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