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I'm a returning player for almost 1 year.

Can anyone tell me whats new from epic seven. Whats the difference from a year ago

Is vildred/ ml vildred still a good dog walker?

Did it easier to gear my hero?

Can I skip certain parts of the game?

Are molagora still premium item nowadays?

What new updated hero that I must have?

Or anything in between

Thanks in advance

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    2022.06.17 05:17 (UTC+0)

    1.both Vildred is Still good. 

    2.More easy to get epic equipment through crafting, and auto equip feature

    3. You already skip for 1 year. Whats more to skip. 

    4. There is event called hunt expert and molagora challenge. And they are easy to finish and give lots of item including molagora etc, 

    5. Hwayoung ( meta in arena) there are lots of other good heroes but mostly just pvp focused. 

    6. There is a lot of balance patch which some hero get upgraded, like ml kawerik or dj basar which is now usable compare tp before

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    2022.06.17 14:33 (UTC+0)

    1. Dog walking isn't needed anymore. Penguins no longer have elements and you get penguins from the excess XP when running adventure stuff.

    2. While crafting they added a pity system that allows you to get an epic gear from the set of your choosing (from the sets of that particular hunt), but main stat and substats are still random so you still get a bunch of garbage and the pity is not frequent enough considering the boost isn't that great.

    You have to craft 30 pieces of equipment or 23 pieces of accessories to get one pity...

    So yeah... if you hated getting gear before then you will still hate it.

    3. Skip what?

    4. Like the previous post says, they threw a huge amount of molagoras with that event so you will most likely have enough for a loooong while if you keep getting all the weekly molas.

    5. There are...a bunch.

    6. Hey! They made easier getting more units!... that you will have to gear... with this horrible system...yay... 

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    2022.06.18 06:38 (UTC+0)

    for gear, there is almost nothing except u have pity to get the set u want, and the rest u will understand once u log into the game

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