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Best Yulha build and set? [3]

First i want to tell something that can be funny to others but not for me. I powdered the LV 30 prophetic candle stick which the only kind I have, then right after that Sinful angelica came out from summon. So.. to get the P candle stick again I have to summon just to get a candle stick artifact.

But then within 4 pulls Yulha came out.  So I decided to build Yulha because it seems the current patch is focuses on building her. So what would be the best set and stats for her?  

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    2022.06.17 04:33 (UTC+0)

    I think everyone build her with 30k hp, but i built mine like this. 

    Ive tested her with hwayoung + atk buff / hwayoung + vigor and she survived. When fighting against a good hwayoung + vigor + atk buff, i think she needs aurius holder, but i think without that, she would survive, try it with your friend against 7k+ atk hwa + vigor + atk buff and see the result. 

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    2022.06.17 05:30 (UTC+0)

    This one is mine

    i think her own artifact is the best and she survived after being attacked by hwayoung with atk or vigor but if hwayoung has both of them, then she need aurius to survive 

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    2022.06.17 10:26 (UTC+0)

    its so stupid... this hero does nothing and only created to "counter" hwa... and not even this works well because hwa oneshoots her as well - LOL they should nerf hwa and the oneshoot trash is gone... 

    e7 do every time the same. bring a unit thats oneshoots or is OP/META and after this they release a unit that "counter" the OP/META unit... but this with yulha was a fail ^^ she is useless everything else and her only thing would be to counter a OP allrounder unit (HWA) but yeah... not even ^^

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