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SG,Epic seven community, be aware of this guild Talentless [15]

SG,Epic seven community, be aware, this guild Talentless is pure evil and racism. This thread may not survive long because they are very resourceful. They have five Talentless guild in global server and they claim to have a lot of connections.


The officer Shard, Red and Kuro are using measures like gas-light, mind-control, personal-insulting and brain-wash on ppl.  I do have my own faults but theirs are much  more scary.


Here is my personal experience. Firstly, about half a year ago,I wrote on the Internet and told ppl nearby I wanted to join a guild with full reward on weekly mission and ancient inheritance and I didn’t want intense gw.  Those ppl approached me and praised how good my gears were to make me happy and join them. They said they can provide full pve rewards but didn’t mention they were competing for the top 3(otherwise I wouldn’t join in the first place) 


After a while, i found out their goal and was hesitating leaving, because I don’t want to spend too much time on gw. At that time, I told my thought to the ex-talentless2 leader, Kuro, who is a Chinese but trys his best drawing line with main-land Chinese. In other words, he is a racist against main-land Chinese. However, He didn’t show any of that to me at that time, and he was nice at the time. He saw that I had intentions of leaving and he didn’t want to lose a top performer at that time. He said I was given the name *** in the community and many ppl looked up on me. I was so inexperienced of their scam and felt so flattered. Therefore, I decided to stay a little longer. 


Then one day they said in the in-game announcement that I have dm in discord. This is how they contact me every time because I personally do not like to use discord often especially for game purpose. I believe game is for fun and not a burden. 

They wanted me to use discord more. I said I had enormous difficulties logging on discord every time because I lived in main-land China, which they didn’t know at that time.

Here came the exclamation point. Shard asked me: Are u from north Korea or some labor camp in China? Laugh emoji emoji. The other ppl said I can’t be U.....(I didn’t know what that word was, just knew starting with u)

Up til now I couldn’t get the  full meaning of this question or joke,but I could feel there must be some insulting towards China. I started to get ****** off while they were discussing labor camp in China, they even compare it to the ones in Cultural Revolution period.  I burst out  and lost my sanity. I said I am Chinese and I am far better than u no life losers spending all day on net. And u Red, based on ur portrait in discord, u are probably a ****** or ******** one.(In rage, I confused Red for Shard, cuz Red didn’t actually say anything bad about China. I should had cursed Shard) 

They were hit by surprise, cuz that was coming way out of their expectation. I said in rage I was leaving, and they started to apologize, saying it was all joking and misunderstanding. I could continue being *** and we all pretended it didn’t took place. It was a pure misunderstanding. Thinking back,  It was my second biggest mistake to believe in their sincerity. I didn’t have screen shot of this part because every time they contact me in group, they would use a channel to invite me. At the moment I was in rage cursing them and soon accepting their apology, so I had no time to do screen shot  before channel removing me. 


Everything goes usual for me but they were already planning their revenge. In their eyes, they can go on racist attack on their subordinates as they like, but being hit back was such a disgrace for them. However, I was a top performer in gw and it was not wise to expel me at that time. They also couldn't give a satisfied answer to the guild mates. They have kicked a lot ppl they didn’t like because they didn’t perform well in gw. 


They started to look for my weakness and their expulsion reason. Soon, they found two: My lame English(I had a lot unfamiliar words and asked them explain almost in every meeting) and I liked to int against Tl guild(2draws fighting non tl guilds and 6 draws with tl guild.) 


At this point, Kuro came into play, He started a private Channel with me, and discussed my performance with tl guild. He didn’t seem to blame me and just want to know reasons. I said I view it as a break to let out the pressure.  Then he asked me: do u know wintrade? I said I was not sure. He explained that wintrade was that u give others a defensive green shield, and they give it back. That was a trade. In Chinese, 互送人情. I said it could be a fun war if we did wintrade. I was very happy knowing this new notion. He then said however, rn it was not a trade, it was u giving out free gifts. If no one trades back and this would be no fun. He suggested I bring it up with other guildmates in public channel. I did it and everyone rejected this idea. I didn’t know why until the moment they kicked me and asked me to google the meaning of wintrade.  At that time, I just thought maybe ppl didn’t like fun war even it was tl1 vs tl2, or tl2 vs other tl guilds. 


Nothing happened for a long time until the end of the season. Tl achieved double HOF. I contributed my fair share in gw season. As for overall performance I ranked 10th and if it was fighting non tl guilds, I jumped to top 3. However, they had finished their preparing and called me for the last private channel meeting. 


They said I was a typical main-land Chinese  with poor moral and education. I didn’t qualify for the guild ethical codes. They then asked me to check the public guild channel. I found I was removed from that. My rage got to my head again. I started to say they were no life losers and day dreamers who tried to play guild as international football club. They sent some emoji and a picture on which was the reaction of the whole guild. 

“ Insulting shard’s wife and red’ parents are off the line. He should be long-gone.”

“No wonder he was a supporter of wintrade.”

“I was so angry and I couldn’t keep reading”

I swear I didn’t said anything about their family. Especially I didn't knew they had wife or kids. I think they must have photo-shopped sth to make ppl really angry

Finally, they asked me to google the real meaning of wintrade and said: good luck loser emoji. I was removed from the channel. 

The last meeting happened so fast like less than 5 min. 

U guys may not believe me because due to their traps, I dont have any screenshots. In contrast, they may have already photo-shopped a lot picture to falsify my accusation.


My dear friends, think about the logic behind their lies. Their lies are groundless

They tried to make me say I was a supporter of wintrade in public channel. After googling, Wintrade means tl1 give tl2 free wins to guarantee double HOF. What benefits does that give to me? More ss or more bm? I’m not even an officer in Tl guild. I gain no benefits from wintrade. My purpose of joining was full pve rewards and perhaps fun gaming experience. 


As for the insulting of day dreamers, if they didn’t do anything of major evil, why would I do so ? I barely use discord to communicate with them. 


Lastly, I still don’t get that labor camp thing.


Some other things about talentless:

  • 1. They persuade ppl spending 5+hrs on gw
  • 2. They dissuade and even forbid ppl from gearing units for rta in gw season. 
  • 3. The existence of tl2345 is to constantly provide strong people for talent1 and now they are preparing to expand cuz tl2 also need to be feed to maintain HOF.
  • 4. They kicked many under-performers without even politely informing them
  • 5. They call many other guilds as weak, fodder guilds and trash guilds.
  • 6. Red thinks he is superior than most human-beings.


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    2022.06.15 05:28 (UTC+0)

    The solution is simple, just out from that guild and block that people/someone that private chat you if you dont like it. 

    Dont let that burden you, bruh. 

    Hope this will help you, good luck. 

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    2022.06.15 05:39 (UTC+0)

    Games are supposed to be fun,. 

    Not all players are competitive. 

    ( especially with meeting and aiming to top 3, means the guild have their own set of rules) 

    You can just quit and find new guild. 

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    2022.06.15 06:09 (UTC+0)

    Not saying racism and whatnot are good; Using mind control and brainswashing on people, though? rofl, ok.

    Also, the practices they use are entirely up to them. You're not entitled to be in a guild. If they want to kick underperformers without warning, that's their right and prerogative.

    They're THE top guild and the other talentless guilds are also high tier. A lot of the top 30 guilds have very stringent rules and the top 10 guilds have crazy guild war requirements. They're hyper competitive.

    If that's not your jam, you don't have to be in those guilds. But there are clearly people who WANT that environment (I just lost 2 guild members who went BACK to top guilds). 

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    2022.06.15 07:09 (UTC+0)

    The worst thing is they made you writing all this long Journal  .. It's not worth to annoy yourself with them , Just ignore/Forget. 

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    2022.06.15 07:13 (UTC+0)

    Like the other people said, just leave. Don't like the guild rules? Leave. You can also try playing your own way, and if questioned or kicked, just give up on the guild since it's not what you wanted anyways.

    There will always be extremists/douchebags, but there isn't much you can do about it. Not to mention that most people won't know nor will they care about the stuff you said about the guild leaders.

    Thanks for the information, but I think the best thing you can do is just to look for a casual guild with good players.

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    2022.06.15 07:43 (UTC+0)

    lol this cheating guild, i wonder if they can reach top 10 without record battle stats ?

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    2022.06.15 09:29 (UTC+0)

    I was a victim of the racism for years and I didn't care to the point of being emotionally depressed and you do from a mere game?


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    2022.06.15 12:57 (UTC+0)

    Elitists exist in every corner of communities. Not saying that guild is one just assuming. Maybe look into a guild here instead- ppl are always posting new open spots. And you can msg them here on what activities to expect before joining.

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    2022.06.15 18:11 (UTC+0)

    I read your entire post and the conclusion I came to is that you are kind of dumb and you blame other for your stupidity. all of this is your fault just use this experience to grow up... and stop crying in stove you are just making fool of yourself...

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    2022.06.16 15:36 (UTC+0)

    Imagine calling a guild racist but saying "I am chinese and I am far better than you" and calling another chinese person being racist against chinese. You don't even have screenshots of these baseless accusations and, when other people are complaining that you are wintrading (losing purposfully) and making fun of other people's family, you accuse them of brain washing. Like, grow up and get a life dawg, as you're obv a child with a tantrum just because he got kicked in a game for being toxic.

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    2022.06.16 15:47 (UTC+0)

    You are calling them racist and "pure evil" cause they made ONE joke on you not being able to use discord as much? What a waste of time reading this.

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