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[2022] 2022 E7WC Schedule and Registration Notice (Additional Notice) [3]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2022.06.15 09:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 38433

Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.


(Additional Notice)

The 2022 E7WC official website opening time has been changed to 6/15 (Wed) 10:30 → 11:00 UTC.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.


Fierce battles to be the best Heir in the world with a total prize pool of $100,000!

We are announcing the 2022 Epic Seven World Arena Championship (2022 E7WC)!

For those who want to participate in the 2022 E7WC, please see below for more details.

■ 2022 E7WC Official Website Available! 

The 2022 Epic Seven World Arena Championship official website is now available!

You can apply for the competition, as well as access various information related to the 2022 E7WC, such as highlights, news, regulations, and others on the official website.

▶ 2022 E7WC Official Website


■ 2022 E7WC Schedule and Livestream Information

The 2022 E7WC qualifiers and main matches will be broadcast live!

VSPN KOREA, Asia's largest e-sports content producer, will broadcast some of the qualifiers and all main matches.









7/23 (Sat) 03:00 UTC

Korea Server Qualifiers

All competitions will be broadcast live, except for some of the qualifiers, Round of 16, and



7/24 (Sun) 03:00 UTC

Asia Server Qualifiers


7/30 (Sat) 03:00 UTC

Global Server Qualifiers


7/31 (Sun) 03:00 UTC

Japan Server Qualifiers

7/31 (Sun) 09:00 UTC

Europe Server Qualifiers

Tournament Draw


8/7 (Sun) 03:00 UTC


Main Match Group Draw and Event Matches

Main Match


8/20 (Sat) 03:00 UTC

Quarterfinals Match 1~4

All matches


8/21 (Sun) 03:00 UTC

Semifinals Match 1~2

Lower Bracket 1-1, 1-2


8/27 (Sat) 03:00 UTC

Lower Bracket 2-1, 2-2

Lower Bracket 3


8/28 (Sun) 03:00 UTC

Upper Bracket Final

Lower Bracket Final

Grand Final 


 ※ Schedule in case the server qualifiers proceeds

- All the E7WC 2022 matches on Korea/Asia/Global/Japan servers, excluding European servers, will start at 03:00 UTC.
 - Considering European local time, the European server matches start at 09:00 UTC.

※ The Livestream schedule, participant list, and qualifiers tournament group draw information will be provided through a separate notice at the beginning of the qualifiers and finals.


■ 2022 E7WC Registration and Precautions

Total prize money of $100,000! Challenge yourself to be the best!

1. Qualifier Selection Schedule: 6/18 (Sat)  05:00 ~ 7/10 (Sun) 14:59 UTC

2. Eligible Participants: Heirs who are 20 years or older and have played the E7WC preliminary event mode more than once. (Must be born before 07/23/02)

3. Registration: You can register by clicking the [Registration] button on the 2022 E7WC Official Website

4. Qualifier Selection Method: Among the Heirs who applied on the 2022 E7WC official website, the top 8 to 16 Heirs from each server will be selected based on the E7WC selection event mode ranking at the end of the event period.

 5. Registration Format


※ Please Note

- The prize information for each ranking is available on the 2022 E7WC Official Website

- All matches of the 2022 E7WC will be held in [Mock Battle > Round Mode]

- The qualifiers round for each server will be held as a single tournament, and the main matches will be held as a double-elimination tournament.

- The qualifiers round for each server will be held in mock battle round mode BO3, and the main matches will be held in a mock battle round mode BO5.

- The Nicknames of all participants will be displayed in English

 ㄴ If the participant’s Nickname is not in English, we will request an English Nickname to be used for the tournament

 ㄴPlease enter your Nickname on the ‘Enter your Nickname in English’ part.

-  If you participate in the E7WC 2022, all players participating in the Main Matches will be required to broadcast themselves playing using a webcam. They may be interviewed with their webcam or introduced on the broadcast. If a player does not have a webcam, the organizers will provide an amount within an appropriate range to purchase the webcam. 

- You can check the 2022 E7WC Official Website for more detailed regulations, including the match process, prizes, etc.

- The 2022 E7WC schedule and the Livestream Information are subject to change. In this case, we will inform you through a notice.

A global Festival that Heirs around the world can enjoy together! 

We hope many of our Heirs participate in the Event.


Thank you.

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    2022.06.15 11:05 (UTC+0)

    BESTFor the sake of my sanity, I have to politely decline the challenge. There's nothing for me there except pain & misery lol. All the best to all the contestants :3

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    2022.06.15 10:18 (UTC+0)

    Its tempting but my units aint good enough for this.

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    2022.06.15 11:05 (UTC+0)

    For the sake of my sanity, I have to politely decline the challenge. There's nothing for me there except pain & misery lol. All the best to all the contestants :3

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    2022.06.15 13:45 (UTC+0)

    Born October 2002 so I'm out 😑

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