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Has anyone else ever wanted to make a DPS Aither? [4]

I re-visited this recently when trying to do Adin's SC quest that requires defeating Aria with Mana Overload. It requires doing single-target Crit Hits, so just for kicks I looked to see who among my healers had the highest CHC%- and it was my Aither with over 70%. A quick change of 2 pieces and he now has 100% CHC and 203% CHD, with ATT over 2500...

Sword of the Morning makes an interesting artifact for him, since it'll boost not only his DMG but will also boost his healing when he needs it most!

Now if only he weren't so dang slow...

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    2022.06.14 17:59 (UTC+0)

    No. I rather play using actual females or men who look like men instead of traps.

    Also my healer with the highest critical damage and a very good dps unit is Blingo. That guy is insane and probably the only soul weaver who can dps.

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    2022.06.14 20:30 (UTC+0)

    Tf are you tking about?  You stopid really want a healer to be a dps huh? Still dreaming

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    2022.06.14 22:41 (UTC+0)

    SWs do not have the modifiers necessary for them to do much of anything dmg wise. Even if the stats are there, compared to any other class the actual dmg output will be terrible. The best you're going to get in this field is going to be Blaze Dingo, who had his own brief time in the sun a long while back, but ultimately there is no way you are going to make an effective dps out of a SW, especially a 3* like Aither. 

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    작성자 2022.06.14 23:38 (UTC+0)

    Oh, I agree. This is just for fun, I'm not talking about making a healer a Main DPS. When I say "DPS AIther" I simply mean Aither built for the most DMG he can.

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