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New content similar to Ancient Heritage but single player

I like Ancient Heritage (AI). It feel refresh and fun but sadly SG decide to make AI once per season. It's a waste for a content that develop so long and available only 6 weeks per year(3 times). But some players may don't like AI, judge from some guild / guildmates not participate much. So I think it would be good to have AI with single player version (still have guild season version).

Here some ideas about this content (if you play Might & Magic before will be easier to understand)

- Duration is monthly

- This content is close in the months AI open. (for less confusing between each content's rules and less participate in AI         because some don't want to play both at the same time)

- Reward equal/more to Hell Raid (88 gear will be fix sub stat 1st time and random after that)

- Bosses and reward gear piece will be random. Bosses can be wyvern, banshee,  or heroes like Mort, zerato, R.Carrot,     lilias and etc. Reward gear random like helmet drop from 1st floor boss last month but 5th floor this month.

- Bosses drop currency that can use to exchange 88 gear in shop (enough to exchange once per month same as raid)

- Player don't need to play every day, can sum up and play on weekend. Provision will increase when press "day change"   button. Example : content is on 7th day, player can use "day change" 6 times (similar to Full moon Khawazu event)

- Player can create 3 teams and each team have a leader slot. This slot will use leader as avatar for walk in the map and   grant status boost buff (same/similar buff as side story event)

- Each team have their own level / class upgrade / provision / heroes in team

- Player can switch heroes between team but will cost provisions per hero

- Heroes still available after fight but can use 3 times at max and no HP regen after fight. Still dead at boss fight if player  can't kill boss in one time. (3 teams from a player will shortage of heroes if can use only once like AI)

- When activate class enhance tower(can use only once), all 3 team gain that class enhance

- New tower that give player gadget like in Automaton tower to feel more fun.

Why not? For a content that don't use stamina and new player can playable.

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