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Thoughts on DJB recent buffs? [13]

What do you guys think of DJB's buff and his state in the meta?

Comment below and please only DJB users only comment as don't want to see non djb players ranting about how good he is without even playing him.Thank You.

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    2022.06.10 16:54 (UTC+0)

    he is good but only when he is have 260+ speed. 

    Without 260+ speed he still not good. 

    Most showcase make djb look good because all of them use 270+ speed dj basar. 

    Still its about speed. 

    Bellow 260+ speed dj basar not good. 

    His soul burn somehow lower than before buff, before buff soul burn can heal 4k-5k heal, but now it can only 2k-3k heal with soul burn. 

    He still not good. 

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    2022.06.10 18:48 (UTC+0)

    You can build him really fast as an opener to CR push, but you won’t outspeed  the meta openers now like Peira, CLilias and Ran. I went the ER and cleanser route, with Eternus artifact. In GW, arena, or RTA, he counters Peira hard. Useful in select situations, not OP, but not as bad as some people are saying. I would say he is playable now.

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    2022.06.10 19:33 (UTC+0)

    Benched him. He's still a high-investment unit that has a very niche function. Because he's squishy and slow he'll die soon after using s2 and s3. At the same time he's easy to counter himself.

    Honestly, it irritates me because it's the same as it was with Destina. She was bad just like DJB is bad but people gloss it over because there's 1-2 units they're good against. The moment meta changes what's going to happen to them? They're not good for pve either.

    I'm sure they'll make a unit who utilizes the shield inversion better than DJB. Maybe even put it in a passive that procs whenever enemy gains a shield. If SG wants to affect the meta in any meaningful way they need to release another op hero and DJB simply isn't one.

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    2022.06.11 04:02 (UTC+0)

    He surely good/better now, not OP/broken and this is the good part for me (boring of players who complain about cancer meta but complain when new/buff heroes are usable but not Op/broken too).

    In RTA, not that's good because even +15 SPD(shouldn't rely on this RTA buff anyway because it's seasonal buff, not permanent) is still hard to make him faster than opener meta. And without very high RES, he surely can't resist peira or seaseria bomb. But it's possible to build him SPD 240-250 with RES 100-150 along with Eternus. This possible to make him CR push and cut in opponent's Ran combo.

    For PVP/GVG, he's fine. You can lower his SPD and increase RES or tanky. Use him in the right situation.

    Yesterday GVG, use DJB+Krua+bruiser against Peira, Rimuru and Mercedes. DJB with very high RES and guild AF that grant barrier + CR push if HP100%. When Peira S2, DJB CR push and lap Mer. His S2 one shot Peira then S1 to make Rimuru S2 on him and S3 on Krua.

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    2022.06.12 01:52 (UTC+0)

    He can be decent againts peira but just that still has the flaws (low hp,low speed,healing scale with atk) i think he has very limited use and need very high gear to fulfill his role and that if he don't get silence or stunned.
    i have no intention of waste resource in this hero he is underwhelming for now, maybe in the future can be useful against new hero with shields.

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