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Guild Recruitment

[Global] Lv. 18 / Curberus2

단원 수24 / 30
랭크 제한60
가입 유형공개(선별가입)
소개discord.gg/a6W6Zy8Tt8 < apply!

We are a semi-competive guild looking for active players.

We are a semi-competive guild looking for active players to join our small community! We are currently doing some reforms in order to raise activity. You must have a Discord . We are highly active on Discord, so anybody wanting to have a fun talk can come join the conversation.
We require that members log in on a daily basis, members that are planning to be inactive must let us know beforehand. If you miss a login, then you will be privately messaged with a 2 day warning asking about your activity. If you haven't replied within the 2 days then you will be kicked from the guild.
We are hoping to facilitate an enclosed, friendly, and helpful atmosphere. Joining the Discord is mandatory! You are expected to follow the rules listed within our Discord.

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