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Guild Recruitment

[GLOBAL] Make OnlyFlans your OnlyPlans!

- Guild Name: OnIyFlans (i in “only” not L)

- Guild Level: 20

- Server: Global

- Current # of Members: 26/30

Requirements to join

- Challenger and above

- Must be active in Guild War (losing is ok)

- Donate Gold and Aid

Who are we?- We're a bunch of Flan sims who are just trying to have fun

Benefits of Joining

- 24/7 Guild Buffs

- Weekly Chests, Daily Energy 

- 5x rewards every season 

- Finished floor 4 of Ancient Inheritance 

- Team/unit builds

- GW strategies

- Friendly/Welcoming Discord (not required)

- Casual to Semi competitive

- Offering emotional support for when you hit pity or get hit with rng

If you prefer not to socialize this Is the guild for you we just require you to stay active and do your Guild War attacks, hope to see ya join. 
Message Minigul DeCicco #9489 (space between Minigul and DeCicco is needed) or usernotallow #7495 on Discord or apply in-game

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