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[ Hero Concept 24 ] [1]

This is the 24th original hero concept.

Enjoy :)

[ S1 - Glacier Shatter ]

Attack an enemy, inflicts Extinction on kill.

Penetrates Defense by the percentage of caster's lost health.


[ S2 - Liberation ] CD: Passive

Dispell 2 debuffs from the caster and grant Enrage for 1 turn, whenever the caster's health falls below 33.3%, 66.7% or 100%.

After the caster is granted a new Enrage, cast Immolation immediately, regardless of its cooldown.



[ S3 - Immolation ] CD: 2 Turns

Deal damage equal to 15% of the caster's max health, to the caster and all enemies.

Ignore enemy buffs.

This skill cannot reduce the caster below 1 health.



Be cautious about this hero's health.

S2 procs S3, but S3 could possibly proc S2 in return. Then another S3.

It deals more damage, but also quickly puts this hero in a dangerous position.

S2 counters a lot of debuffing attacks at the beginning of the game.

S1 penetration + extinction sounds great.

But it only works when the hero is very low on health.

No hp scaling on S1 means this hero also needs some attack stat to work.

Comments are welcomed.

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    2022.06.08 06:03 (UTC+0)

    TC continues to demonstrate his warped perception of balance. Its hard to believe any sane person can reasonably think this is a good idea.

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