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My Ml Ilynav, Senya and Mort Ideas [2]

Design/skill/story ideas about Ilynav, Senya and Mort (100% won't canon cuz idk if they're connected into fceci alternate world or not) English isn't my first language, so I'm sorry if there's a lot of wrong words

Since most ml 5 are random/very different from their rgb, my degenerate mind thinks them as police chief, doctor and experiment subject ( let's just imagine their alternate worlds are futuristic city with lots of citizens live there) Small warning if you don't like degenerate things and cheap backstory, just skip design and story part. I'm also a rank 70 player. 

Police Chief Ilynav

Class: dark thief

Speed: 128

Story: in charge to punish and imprison crimes, ilynav is the most capable to solve most mysterys in the town. She assigned to solve the latest mystery about missing citizens 

Design & Splash art: stood like sba/tomoca, with smile expression, using police cap, using black police outfit with one strong button in the middle, her dual spear color is flashy blue-red, a helicopter light roams around her and the wind from helicopter make her hair/things around her moving. 

Skill 1: Catch (SB to activate Neon Spear) Attacks the enemy with spear, damage dealt increased proportional to caster speed. Activate Neon Spear instead of Catch while on Another World   

Passive: Mystery Solved

Immune to splash/dual attack dmg, if ilynav died and an enemy attacked ally with single attack, revive with 10% hp and activate Neon Spear, also grants stealth buff for 1 turn. Revive only activated 3 times

Neon spear (Single target) 

Attacks and pierce the enemy, penetrate defense by 35%, damage dealt increased proportional to caster speed ( her spinning animation with red%blue light, like police sirens)  

Skill 3: Another World, 4 turn (Single target ) (Non attack skill)

Reduce buff by 1 turn, ignore er if she got first turn before catching enemy and brought them into her world by portal, arrived in police station and going down stair into dungeon prison.

Another World, lasts for 2 turns

Caster and enemy trapped here. In order to escape Another World, one of them must dead, enemy use either s2/s3 or wait until Another World ended. their turn order are still based on cr bar. (if enemy skill is buff type, the buff can't be received by enemy team, and only ilynav suffered from aoe skills debuff)  

Doctor Senya 
Class: dark soul weaver (I want her to be light, but light soulweaver is too much) 

Speed: 103

Story: grown with obsession on experimenting human especially males, senya is skilled on surgery and fusing species. When she finally got her own hospital, she lure and kidnap innocent citizen as experiment object. 

Design & Splash art: serila pose but her hand holding her weapon like lqc, using white mask, unsettling eye contact eventho she's smiling behind mask, having big syringe behind her with Pink liquid inside it, using Pink tanktop with white doctor coat, and some thin dark auras around her 

Skill 1: Quick Injection (SB Extra Turn)

Attacks the enemy, heal ally with the lowest health, heal and damage dealt is based on caster max defense . When s3 is on cooldown, attack twice. ( idk if defense scaling heal work or not, maybe if low just increase her heal multiplayer )  

Passive: Illegal Doctor

Cant crit but get 50% crit resist. Reduce enemy self heal and self barrier by 30%. Caster need to be on either top or bottom row to activate passive. When anyone except caster using a non attack skill, activate Technique. 

Technique (Her RGB S2 Animation)

Reduce allies debuff duration by 1 turn and increase buff duration by 1 turn before grants top row and bottom row 1 turn er buff, can be activated multiple times. ( the animation effects become Pink and have + symbol) 

Skill 3: Going All In (Single target) (Penetrate defense) (7 turns)

Tighten her mask, wearing a surgeon glove, also picked her big syringe before smiled and slowly injecting until the pink liquid runs out, damage dealt increases proportional to caster max defense and enemy defense. Reduce skill cooldown by 1 turn everytime caster use S1. 

Half Dragon Mort

Class: dark knight (I want him to be light unit too, but there's too much light knight) 

Speed: 110

Story: Senya's student and volunteered to be experiment subject in order to get stronger, but in exchange to always protect Senya, because someone is chasing her. 

Design & Splash art : he has ignorant face expression like taeyou, ml khawazu / emilia hand pose with his right hand has flying dragon orbs, right body shirtless with his left body being in dragon armor, and his left hand holding his spear.

Skill 1: Corrupt

Attacks the enemy with spear, before decreasing enemy cr by 20% and increasing caster cr by 20%. Damage dealt is based on injury applied to caster. When caster is on Full Dragon Mode, ignore er 

Passive: Two Modes

Immune to unbuffable, caster have two undispellable modes, Half Dragon and Full Dragon. Caster need to be on either top or bottom row to activate passive. If caster doesn't have counterattack buff when enemy use aoe skills, activate Always Together. 

Half Dragon Mode (normal mode) Absorbs injury on team at the start of turn, absorbing consume caster health and injury max cap increased to 30%    

Full Dragon Mode

Grants 25% single target damage reduction to top and bottom row, always crit when caster counterattacking on this mode. 

Always Together (His RGB S2 Animation) Grants top and bottom row counterattacking stance for 1 turn. 

Skill 3: Don't take her from me (SB ignore er) (Single target) (4 turn CD)

Absorbs the dragon orb to become full dragon, before brutally hit the enemy. Remove all enemy buffs before give them Raging Provoke debuff for 1 turn and switched into Full Dragon Mode for 2 turns, damage dealt based on caster injury. 

Raging Provoke

Force enemy to use S3 into caster

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    2022.06.08 04:25 (UTC+0)

    Come to think about ML Senya, my quick idea of S2 is:

        Decrease damage suffered from a critical hit by 50%.

        Increase enemies' critical hit chance by 100%.

    Thank you for inspiring and sharing your ideas.

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