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[Global] Lv. 20 / Cuddles

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  • Jamiee[Jamiee]
  • 2022.06.06 12:56 (UTC+0)
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단원 수20 / 30
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가입 유형공개(선별가입)
소개Discord|Challenger +

Lv:20 & growing
Type: 18+|Social & Player productive |Semi Competitive |Discord oriented |Aiming for top 100 guild
Description: A group created for the purpose of uniting follow players who have a love for E7 and is seeking to be apart of a mature & fun growing community that is proactive and moderately ambitious. Nothing too fancy,we enjoy playing Cs and hanging out in our spare time discussing on the various games we play and irl shit, yeahh we we sound like boomers so what ****
Requirements: Don't kidd yourself,if you know you ain't comitted,not in it for the long run and is uncomfortable being socially active amongst others new to you or Don't have intentions of making new friends in general,then this community is not for you. It's simple as that,Knowing yourself is the key to happiness,try not to waste others time and yours. If you do however acknowledge that this is the guild for you & is about that positive growth  msg YunFreeze#6401 or

  Kwasius#9661for application to our discord community And Also Good Morning|Good Night

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