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Which of these 3 star artifact is better for my senya build? [2]

Hi people! My senya has life steal build plus her exclusive has also life steal. Now I wonder which of these two artifact is better for this kind of senya: The Yaksha or the blood grail? And if there is better a better 3 star artifact please tell. I still don't have the best artifacts for her so I will stick with 3 stars for now.     

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    2022.06.06 11:58 (UTC+0)

    I'd say stick with Grail of Blood for now.

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    2022.06.06 14:06 (UTC+0)

    Honestly, I'd say if you really want to use her as you have her now, go for Mighty Yaksha. You already have her on LS w/ her LS EE, so you should be relatively ok on LS - or at least at the point where the extra from Grail of Blood won't figure into the equation much (as your built right now, that's only ~600 hp at the start of a turn). Yaksha will at least bolster your atk until you can improve your gear, w / that extra atk not only helping her her do her main job her, but also adding some extra healing. 

    But I'll be honest - right now your Senya isn't really ready for any action. Her atk is much too low to work well (some would say the speed is too, but I think that's relatively workable). You might get some user out of her in PvE as she is, but even then it's going to be a little tough. I would suggest that, unless you just really like her and are ok with a little struggle, sideline her for now until you can boost her atk to ~6k or more, and her hp to at least 15k. 

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