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LVL 16 Autoguild

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소개PVE focused guild, (ai is our jam beat all 4) decent at pvp(gw5x) everyone active must have discord

Just want to let everyone know we have a few spots, we are pve focused, we have a discord with our rules and we've got a lot of great fun folks, we did beat ancient inheritance completely this time so youll get all your stuff and we end gw at 5x, we do need some more active players as a couple players wanted to take a break and I'm also eliminating the 3-4 free riders in the guild   

The name, well i thought id be able to change it later but it started out as an auto join and well... we got really good. hah .

Ask for autoguild or find me MStarG on global.  Change you're hello text, i dont accept anyone with starting text anymore. 

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