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Will Sez get a buff? [21]

Finally Haste get some buff, why can't Sez get a chance? I have some suggestions:

Option 1: Sez's skill 3 is very strong, but if it can not kill the enemy, Sez will become useless, so I hope that adding some unique effects on skill 3 will help him more useful.

Skill 3: Conviction 

Add: If cannot kill the enemy, inflict "Imprison" (can't be missed or resisted, can't be dispelled) last until the caster get a turn. When Imprison end, activate Enroach.

Imprison: the hero with Imprison can not attack or be attacked, can't receive any buff, debuff, healling and combat readiness. The effect of artifact and passive is negate.

Option 2: I hope Sez will be more OP if he can sustain good or revive, but we have too many revive unit. So I think "Shadow clone" is a good option.

Skill 2: Enroach 

When Sez die, Summon a "Shadow clone", last for 1 turn, to replace him.

Shadow clone can not be attacked or receive buff and have all stats equal to 50% Sez' stat. When allies is attacked, The Shadow Clone reduce 20% damage received and counter with Enroach.

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    2022.06.02 13:31 (UTC+0)

    No, he's a male hero, those hardly get buffs. we'll sooner see Choux, EP 3 hero, get her 3rd buff and EE adjustment before he, a launch hero, gets his first.

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    2022.06.02 16:53 (UTC+0)

    I agree that Sez should be buffed, but these buffs you're suggesting **** lol

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    2022.06.03 20:58 (UTC+0)

    Imprison is a very very interesting effect that makes no sense to be in a character like Sez. I could see it being used on a slow Sez with a pusher just to make sure it's target takes forever to play again, since it only dispels when Sez takes another turn. At this point he won't even benefit from being a nuker, just make him slow, tanky and make him unbearable to kill. See what I mean? This doesn't really synergize with him

    His S2 change could be nice, but the Clone should definitely be targeted, or else it falls to the same problem. An untargetable Rem with 100% counter and adamant shield for team is legit impossible to play against

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