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Add more ban to low rank RTA [1]

To made the game much healthy. Smilegate should add more ban to RTA. It's not fair when only champion rank got 4 pre-ban while other rank only had 2. The top tier RTA Rimu, C.Lilias, Bellian, Hwa, A.Ravi, Pieria, Ran or AOL (which are recently released unit). If anyone got 2 out of those above units, they already 70% win the fight.

It is obvious in E7 that new units are always stronger than old one. And since I am a oldbie player, I lack of resources to invest on new unit that design to be stronger than the rest, and I believe many long playing player struggle same difficult as me.

So if you don't want to nerf power creep unit, let us do the ban for the sake of gaming experience.

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    2022.06.06 16:23 (UTC+0)

    If you're old player then you should have more resources than most people so this is basically all your fault. New players don't have many units that's why preban is low. Or else they not have enough heroes to use. You have better gear than them too so new hero big deal you have more options and should win. Just play better. You think you lose before you even play and blame it on heroes. Bad excuse against newbies.

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