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Samsung moto g power 2022 crashes [1]


There are several characters that cause the game to crash on my Moto G Power 2022. They are during combat animations that render the characters unusable on this device. So far these include: 

1. Yuna: Meteor Cannon - Crashes right after she fires it and the screen is engulfed in it's beam. Audio continues for a second or two then the game crashes.

2. Commander Lorina: Spiral Breakthrough - crashes shortly after initiation. She crouches for the strike then the game freezes and crashes. 

3. Auxiliary Lots: Mana Injection - again freezes right after initiation then crashes entirely.

My previous, less advanced phone handles these just fine. Something in the graphics processing seems to be the issue. Most likely on the phone manufacturer's end, but I don't know how these things are solved. 

Still, awesome game in almost every way, still hating what you did to my beloved Armin, I am trying to learn to cope. She will still be my favorite. I will make her the boss she deserves to be so she can afford all the earrings her heart desires. 

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    2022.06.01 10:55 (UTC+0)

    ...not your phone...game is f*cked up.... always has been this way....

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