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[Winners] Precious Memory Cover Challenge and Viewer Event Winners

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2022.05.31 10:02 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 5618

Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.

Earlier today a draft version of the notice was released. Please note that this notice is the correct notice We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused.

The Cover Challenge Event for the sad yet beautiful ballad, Precious Memory has come to an end.

We thank all the Heirs who participated with lots of interest and love. It is obvious that all our Heirs are talented and passionate. 


It was very difficult for us to choose the winner. However, after a lot of deliberations, we finally picked the Heirs who stood out the most. Here are the winners of the Cover Challenge Event!


■ Precious Memory Cover Challenge Event (Link)

1. Schedule: 4/20 (Wed) ~ 5/20 (Fri) 14:59 UTC

2. Eligible participants: Epic Seven Heirs 18 years or older

3. Details: Using the Epic Seven Soundtrack, show off your creativity by making your own video, and share it with us!

4. Winners Announcement and Reward Distribution

   - In-game Rewards: 5/31 (Tue)

   - Off-line Rewards: Delivery will begin in June after collecting delivery information from each winner.



■ Precious memory Cover Challenge Event Winners

1. Rewards



First Place

Epic Winners


Surprise Reward

Participation Reward






All Participants


2,000,000 KRW

1,000,000 KRW





Epic Seven 3rd Anniversary Merchandise Set + 10,000 SkyStones

Epic Seven 3rd Anniversary Merchandise Set + 5,000 Skystones

Epic Seven 3rd Anniversary Merchandise Set + 2,000 Skystones

777 Skystones

Leif x10

2. Winners List

<First Place (1)>

Japan / pomu777

<Epic Winners (3)>

Korea / jinkyoungee

Global / EarlBett

Global / Silverne

<Runner-Ups (5)>

Europe / Linilys

Europe / Enfelon 

Global / Riandi

Korea / 부자부자

Korea / 어딜보고있소이까



<Surprise Reward(17)>

Korea / 31초

Global / Byrrrth

Korea / Mystiker

Korea / mythenmetz

Global / verachan

Korea / 꿀맹이

Korea / 다주길거얌

Korea / 랴라

Korea / 뿡뿡잉

Korea / 송부리

Korea / 영한펫

Asia / 灼薊

Korea / 지윤쑤

Global / 천관사복

Asia / 千儿

Korea / 한줌의흙

Korea / 헤원이








■ Precious Memory Cover Challenge Event Personal Information Collection

We will collect event winners’ personal information to deliver the prize items.

  •  Personal information collection period: 5/31 (Tue) ~ 6/7 (Wed) 14:59 UTC
  •  List of personal information collection 


Award Category

Personal information List

Reside in Korea

Reside outside of Korea

First Place & Epic Winners

1. Information Required for Delivery

Name / Phone Number / Address / Zip Code


2. Information Required for Monetary Prize

- Personal Information Collection Consent Form

- Copy of ID

  (ID, Driver’s License, or Passport)

- Copy of your bank account information

1. Information Required for Delivery

Name / Phone Number / Address / Zip Code


2. Information Required for Monetary Prize

- Personal Information Collection Consent Form

- Copy of ID

  (ID, Driver’s License, or Passport) 

- Full Name (In English)

- Tax Number / Passport Number/ Select one of the tax numbers of the country of residence

- Country of Residence (In English)

- Account information

   Bank Name

   Account Number

   Beneficiary's Name 

   Country where your bank is located

   Swift Code


   Bank Address

   [Only for Residents in Canada] CC code


Name / Phone Number / Address / Zip Code

Name / Phone Number / Address / Zip Code

  •  How to enter personal information

   Tap on the link below to enter your information

    First Place and Epic winners



 Please Note

- This event has been conducted in accordance with [Event Regulations].

- Winners of the event will receive a pop-up banner in their in-game notice.  

- The prize money is based on Korean Won. Due to exchange rates and remittance fees, the actual amount you receive may be different from the announcement.

- Winners of the event for the online rewards will receive them through their in-game mailbox.

- If the event participation information does not match the actual game information, rewards may be canceled. 

- Players who fail to provide correct address information, will not be able to receive the rewards.

- If you do not enter the information within the scheduled period or if the information is incorrect, you will be considered to have given up the chance to win. (Extra Shipping & Payment will not be possible)

- Offline products for the OST Cover Song Challenge Event will be delivered after the winner’s personal information collection is once completed. (Within March)

- Be sure to fill in the delivery information correctly to receive the prize within the deadline.

- Winners residing outside of Korea are asked to fill out their address information in English.

- Due to COVID-19, there may be delays or changes in delivery.

- In case delivery will not be possible due to international restrictions, we may deliver the package once the situation has improved.

- Custom cost may be charged for Epic Seven Merchandise set, and if you do not want to pay for it, it will be returned. 

- Depending on the circumstances, the reward may be changed into different offline items or in-game items with an equivalent value.

- If you do not desire offline products, you can change them into in-game products through the survey above. (Skystones x3800) 

 - If you have more questions regarding the event, please contact the Epic Seven Customer Team or STOVE community.


Thank you 

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