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[Asia] Inquisi Lv 20 Recruiting!

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  • Kruzerg[Kruzerg]
  • 2022.05.31 03:41 (UTC+0)
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Inquisi is here since Day 1 aiming to provide a chill atmosphere while being a semi-competitive guild. We are a very active and friendly community consisting of members primarily from Singapore, Malaysia and some from Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and other parts of the world as well.

Guild Information:

Guild Name: Inquisi
Server: Asia
Current # of Members: 25 (5 slots open as of now)
Goal: Top 30 and completion of level 4 Ancient Inheritance consistently

What we offer:

- Chill & Semi-Competitive Guild
- X5 Mystic Medal rewards in Guild War
- 24/7 Buffs
- Guild War Streams
- Daily Rune or Material aid for Guild Crests
- Advice and recommendation on progression, play-styles, builds etc from Legend players
- Friendly Community (We do play other games too!)
- Occasional giveaways and RTA tournaments (with prizes!)


- Rank 70
- Champion+ in Arena OR
- Challenger+ in RTA
- Active discord participation (Communication is Important!)
- Daily Activity (Donations, Expeditions, Check-Ins etc.)
- Units to tackle current Guild War Defenses

Well summary for gw we need member strong enough to survive in top 100 gw

Contact us in discord if u interested



our discord: discord.gg/inbobi

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