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[Asia] L.20 / Virtue

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소개Top 20 guild, trying to hit rank 3 this season, looking for like-minded players to join us!

Top 20 International guild (Rank 7 Last Season).
Looking for like-minded players to join us! If you're someone who's into a more semi-casual approach for guild wars yet has the drive to improve with high standards and competitiveness, Virtue will definitely be your perfect fit!

Perks :
- Stress free environment (Scout reports are appreciated, but not compulsory)
- 24/7 Buffs + Energy on the clock
- Guidance from guild mates that will gladly assist you in unit building or PVE/PVP contents
- Friendly and active discord community
- Level 3 Expeditions
- Full Ancient Inheritance clear

Requirements :
- Able to carry your own weight in top 20 guild wars
- Arena rank Champion 5 (Pref Legend) can be negotiated
- Willing to learn and active discord participation
- A vast pool of core meta units geared decently

For the next guild war season, we are trying our very best for top 3! So do join us if you share the same goal and let's achieve it together! Don’t be shy and contact Nocturner#6650 for more info or to apply!

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