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seem no way to advance for newer or mid-game players [3]

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  • 2022.05.30 09:28 (UTC+0)
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Hi Admin manager /E7 team,

I have been playing E7 for nearly three months, and my account is ranking 63, I spend on monthly packages, I consider myself entering the mid-gamer phase, most of my gears are either free, shop purchases or rewards from guild or usable heroic ones dropped once in a blue moon.

Guys, Keep up the good work! though I have lots of issues with the game, but I also found your smart moves with the recent game-saving features and changes: for example, combine the epiloque AP exchange points, ancient inheritance event (it really makes us new/mid gamers feel less depressed.), farming reward penguins   

Now the issues! 

Hunt and gear craft: The current game experience is centered with equipment upgrade: because even if players got the most OP units, yet without proper gears, it is still unusable. but with good or great gears, players may make team work in certain game modes. 

Here is the tricky part: I tried to do hunts (currently in Wyvern 10) whenever i have a better mood, but the mediocre or above gear crafting rate is kind of ridiculous low: for example, I tired to use 700-900 heroic and epic materials and not a single revenge piece crafted,  mostly blue ones with trash stats injury pieces, another 900 materials I got 3 blue and one purple Unity  pieces in a row which i dont even need one, I like it because i can instantly sell those in a no brainer way.I get it you have statistics that very few people use injury/ unity sets, so you want to push it for players, but i am not sure if maybe morons would use irrelevant blue pieces over relevant heroic pieces. 

I know there is a second system called equipment conversion which i tried to explore but it would take ages for me to get the materials to do even one crafting, so i gave this up.this system does not exist for me.


Story mode:

presumably fun part: because besides the tedious and frustrating hunt experience, this part is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, i am not expecting a top level thrilling experience with lots of suspense and ingenuity, but what i experience is like for example in Episode 2 10-1 , not even the grande finale yet, system tells me my team CP  above 300K is rated strong, but when i get into the fight with my strongest teams with multiple combinations, I tried all my stronger characters but none of the teams can barely scratch the boss, not even get the boss ( incomplete fastus) health to drop to 95% or below, and each turn the boss gets a thicker shield, in a few round, my entire team got wiped out including the strongest support characters from friend list i carefully picked to help. is this some kinds of joke: the following message is properly delivered: your team is so trash that you are far from the same league with our story bosses,  ha ha, stop playing story mode, you *****  


I dont know why it keeps dropping common or normal lv 40+ gears a few times for each run. because, it soon filled up my pack with junk gears which can be sold for a little bit of gold. the problem is it significantly disrupt the game flow and very time consuming to clear up the full inventory along with hero inventory full message, battery lower warning message, connection issue message etc. may we player choose not to drop anything, because 99.9% of the dropped gears are unusable.   

The other thing I could do is grinding for specialty changes for some three star heros, however, i doubt it makes any sense to have those characters to do me any good, since my 6 star A momo fully upgraded with skill tree can not do nearly as good as my 5 star slower Angelica. I know the gear definitely have influences,  but it could be also for the reason the bosses are way too strong to make A momo changes observable. 


Modes my team is not up to join:  Expedition, RTA, Guild war, normal raid, Hall of trials, abyss stopped at ** etc  

So to sum it up, I am trying to decide whether or not I want to keep playing E7 for a while, because I literally do not know what to play.    but thanks anyway for a different gaming experience 

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    2022.05.30 11:03 (UTC+0)

    You are not considered a mid game player, right now you are still an early stages.

    For now don't try to make any gear outside Wyvern hunt. Focus on trying to get to Wyvern 13 and progressing through story. 

    Gear Rng is and forever will be a wall for all players.

    What I've been doing is craft ring, boots or necklace and once I get the gear mileage for an epic piece I'd make the weapon, chest or helm since you don't need to worry about their main stat from changing.

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    2022.05.30 15:36 (UTC+0)

    This entire thread can be summed up to "hey SG I'm still brand new and have absolutely no patience so can you like, nerf everything and just give me what I want as soon as I want it?"

    No. Pretty sure you got into the wrong type of game. This is a farming game, not a "run hunt and immediately get what you want" game. You can spend a while trying to get something you want or get it fast if you're lucky.

    All your OP did was show you expect to get something after a few hours of trying. You have picked the wrong game if so. We have been playing for 4yrs for a reason and it's not because we got perfect gear after "700-900" mats. It's usually after 7000-9000. Get used to it or pick a different type of game.

    Also lol at you specifically mentioning you buy packs. Despite what you think, that doesn't make SG take you any more seriously, it just makes you look that much more impatient and stupid.

    You can clear all lv13 hunts with free gear easily so you also don't know how to play.

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    2022.06.02 09:49 (UTC+0)

    > It's usually after 7000-9000. 

    You mean 70000-90000 lol since even after that i can hardly get anything "usable" ...

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