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Quality of life for summoning Ideas [4]

  • EmberRain
  • 2022.05.27 21:53 (UTC+0)
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Quality of life for summoning


- I’m not suggesting to implement all these options. Im just posing some ideas

- All idea are under the assumption that the company and player must benefit not one side

- I’m no expert, I’m just bored and ended up writing this

Option 1 - To help target older hero’s that don’t see rotation much

Idea: Covenant element summons

How it would function

5* = only element specific hero’s ( must be at least 6 months old)

3-4* = same as covenant pool of summons

- only available for 1 week per the specific month
- month availability would have be something like every other month

Example: Jan - fire—-> Feb - none—-> March - ice—-> and so on and repeat

Benifit to company - increase in bm spending 

Player benefit - narrowing of hero pool to target a specific hero


 - Must have same rates as normal covenant summon to no affect elemental tickets.

-  Only 5* hero’s that are at least 6 months old (maybe 1 year old)

-  No pity counter or 1.5x to 2x higher pity( 180 or 240summons)

Option 2 - off season Limited/ collab summons ( requires chapter 3.10-10 completion to access)

(Probably impossible)

Idea: after a collab/limited hero is half way till it’s rerun date a one weekend(3day) collab/limited banner is available 


This option is potentially great because it all around helps everything. By having the limited hero’s run twice a year the company makes more revenue and the player get a chance a the hero they want/need. Furthermore, this would increase balance in pvp, increase player retention, and reduce wait time fatigue. Although getting collab partners to agree maybe hard, but the concept of increase income and IP engagement should ease the negotiations..maybe. This can also apply to non-collab limits. (Ex. Landy, Luna)

Benefits for company

- Increase bm spending by further increasing yearly diversity of summons players need to save for and spend on

- Increase pvp balance while not making it to easy for new players to acquire to many hero’s 

- Low cost implementation for increases revenue Increase player retention( sense of balance/ not waiting 1 year for one hero)

- Future collab B2B pitch point - twice a year audience engagement with IP

- Increase new player engagement to reach 3.10-10

(drawback: needs new yearly collabs/limited hero’s to achieve optimal benefits)

Benefits for player

- Reduced anxiety for missing 1 limited hero(possible 1 year wait)

- Increase to mid to late game balance for meta limited/collab hero’s

- New/mid players aren’t time gated as bad for starting on a certain month

- Increase purpose to unlock features mid-ish game

(drawback: increase In needed bookmarks. Example SSB being available at the same time as an Emilia rerun weekend)

this drawback would increase as limited and collab units increase. However, it would reduce wait times till next availability.

Option 3 - New hero 1 day weekend banner

Idea: after a new hero banner ends it re-releases for 1 day only after 4 months(or 6months)


- increase hero availability - no player is gonna start at the perfect time or have enough resources for every hero

- increase balance - reduces pvp imbalance if a new hero is good by Increasing access to pvp hero’s for late game players

- collectors have small windows to get missed hero

- still retains pvp first time adopters the hero advantage for the 4 to 6 month till release

- doesn’t provide huge benefits but reduces ingame stress till new hero’s full 1 week banner rerun

Company benefits

- minor in-game auto balances pvp hero Avaibility (no balance to stats/attacks)

    - definition: in-game auto balance: people have 4 months to determine new counters or hero viability. 1 day banner allows player to get the new hero that they learned is good in a specific field especially if they missed said hero. This provides a minor balance adjustment by increase the pvp players available hero’s.

- decrease in player complaints Potentially( ie. if every late game player has the option to get a meta pvp hero then most pvp players will have said good hero. this has the potential to force new meta strategies while maintain the first time hero adopters advantage For the 4/6 months till 1 day rerun

-increase in Bm spending because of scarcity (1 day to SSS)

Player benefits

- time gate punishment reduction/ Missing a hero doesn’t alter you game play up to 6 plus months till hero reruns

- increase in hero availability/ reduction In non ML meta disparity

 ( meaning one game breaking hero can’t dominate for to long before more player have a chance at getting said new meta hero in 4 month guarantee rerun)

This makes it so meta strategy benefits whales, small spenders, and the lucky for the first few months but allows access to f2p player to save for the minor rerun before the hero’s 1 week unknown banner  to maintain balance in high levels of pvp.

[ example. Hwayoung

people that summon Hwayoung on her new banner would get an advantage for having her first and potentially maxed.

‘they would maintain that advantage for 4months till 1 day banner rerun.

in that 4months it allows for f2p player to save so they can get their Hwayoung maxed or get atleast a single copy.

once the one day banner runs it would force a minor shift in meta strategy because if majority owns the specific hero that promotes a shift away from a one side meta breaking hero from dominating.]


- 1 day only new hero banner can‘t be any sooner than 4 months to allow first time adopters the earned advantage 

           -  why because games need whales and companies need money to create new stuff

- does Not affect the said hero’s next time full banner. ie 1 day banner is 4 month later and the full 1 week rerun might be 6 month since initial rerelease meaning it’s just a small chance to balance pvp not a main banner week release.

- no pity probably seeing as its not a 1 week banner and we need the week banner to not be affected

Final notes. none of these are perfect ideas, far from it, they are just general ideas to promote more ideas and opinions. 

Do you like any of the options? 

Or would you change something in one of the options?

Option 4 - allow the player to store 4-5* tickets or 5* ticket into inventory

idea: pretty simple, I’d be nice to store these types of tickets into the inventory rather than being force to open them.

reason being some people like group summoning better than single summons. For example someone may for some reason want to buy 4 of the 4-5* tickets from the transmit shop and open them in the way they feel is lucky.

Final notes. none of these are perfect ideas, far from it, they are just general ideas to promote more ideas and opinions. 

Do you like any of the options? 

Or would you change something in one of the options?

ah and if I made grammatical mistakes… oops. I’m dyslexic so I’m blaming it all on that :)

Good luck summoning

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    2022.05.27 23:02 (UTC+0)

    ... spoken like a good "company man"...no.....

  • images
    2022.05.28 22:14 (UTC+0)

    option 1 is terrible. who in their right mind would restrict covenant, eliminating MLs, on top of fishing for some random RGB with a higher pity? Basically nobody but the insane.

    option 2 is terrible. you know what limited means right? with your suggestion RGBs would be featured less often than limiteds.

    option 3 is the exact same thing but now you're maing it for a newer release instead of limiteds. Have you even considered how often new heroes come around and how much further back having repeat banners set in stone like that would put all the others? What is the point? You missed the boat, tough. Wait it out. Should've had the resources to summon.

    option4 is totally pointless because the only actual reason to hold on to those things is to get a larger pool of things to redeem when you do claim them. you can't do that with ml tickets, and tinfoilers that think pulling multiple times in one shot is "luckier" than doing individual pulls need a few classes on probability and chance.

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    작성자 2022.05.29 01:26 (UTC+0)

    opt 1

    Then what about a person thats f2p an needs 3 Ravi’s to max out their Aravi. The option maybe worst then normal covenant but it still greatly increases your possibility to triple sss characters if you wanted. You’d also still get gold transmits. Secondly not all players are competitive some might like collecting

    opt  2

    Why would rgb’s be effect? It wouldn’t alter scheduled banners. It would just increase the total banners at one time.

    currently we get 2 banner hero per week. A weekend banner would just mean there is 3 hero’s available during that weekend. 2+1=3 pretty easy..

    opt 3

    no player, especially f2p players, have resources available 24/7. Also again why does it effect regular scheduled banners…. 2+1=3. 

    Basically simplified. 2 regularly scheduled banners + 1 new hero rerun banner(1 day only)= 3 banners
    opt 4

    Ya it has utterly no effect on a summon, but why not let people enjoy their game the way they want?

    the ml tickets was in the inventory…they opened for the inventory

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    2022.05.29 06:00 (UTC+0)

    ... I'm f2p and...no... your suggestions are worse than what we have now.... unbelievable....no....

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