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Collab Hero Concept: Zenitsu [5]

Hiya! Just want to write a brief note before the concept. I've been doing this for a while (writing down character concepts) and I figured maybe I could share and see what people think. I plan to post more, so I hope you guys enjoy these!

Given the Collab rerun a lot of people in my guild have been talking about alternative collabs, and of course, Demon Slayer comes up a lot. I saw an image someone had made a bit ago (before Re:Zero Collab was even close to being announced, also credit to u/kingfirejet on reddit and @BruLee_Arts (I assume that's a twitter handle)) and the Zenitsu in that image has been really inspiring to me for a while, so I figured I'd try my hand. 

Also, and my final little disclaimer, this might be a little broken. If you want to try to help me balance it, I welcome your advice, or if not, it would be a limited hero and uh, let's just say I think we've all noticed how meticulous SG's QA team is. I find in the day and age of Hwa and Rimuru, where you can be hyper-tanky and still oneshot things, it's sometimes a bit hard to be a dps and also stand out. Factor in that I especially wanted to stay true to the gimmick when building his kit, it was somewhat difficult. 

Anyways, I hope it isn't too bad. Enjoy~!

Zenitsu: Fire Thief 

Unique Debuff: Slumber - The caster is incapable of activating a dual attack or counter attack. This debuff cannot be cleansed or have its duration decreased, but it can be broken if the caster takes damage.

Thunder Breathing: First Form: Strikes the enemy with a sword, (with awakening: before activating I’M GONNA DIE). If this attack is used while Zenitsu is asleep or in a slumber, it increases Zenitsu’s combat readiness by 20% (with awakening: and instead of activating I’M GONNA DIE decreases the cooldown of You Must Master A Single Thing by one turn).

Cowardly Disposition: Zenitsu starts the battle in a slumber. Once per turn, when Zenitsu takes damage, he activates I’M GONNA DIE. Whenever Zenitsu is asleep or in a slumber, he gains 100% dodge chance, and has a 20% chance to counter attack with Thunder Breathing: First Form whenever an ally takes damage. 

     I’M GONNA DIE: Zenitsu screams in fear, dispelling 2 buffs from the last enemy who hit him and inflicting redirect provoke on all enemies, before falling into a slumber. 

You Must Master A Single Thing: (cooldown 9 turns with mola): Whenever Zenitsu or an ally would die, Zenitsu offsets the damage that would cause them to die (leaving them at 1 health) and activates Thunder Breathing: Sixfold on the enemy who attacked them. 

     Thunder Breathing: Sixfold: Zenitsu falls into a slumber before attacking the enemy with a swordstorm, penetrating their defense by 50% and healing based on the damage dealt. If this attack kills the enemy, increases Zenitsu’s combat readiness by 100%.

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    2022.05.25 23:05 (UTC+0)

    "this might be a little broken"

    Great, then it will fit in perfectly with the rest.

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    2022.05.26 00:31 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

    Player contribution is important for a game's diversity.

    Close interaction between skills, conditionally triggered secondary skills.

    Your designing direction is totally different from mine! Haha.

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    2022.05.26 02:47 (UTC+0)

    the design is pretty interesting imo, and I think its healthy for the game with some balance, honestly I want to see it happen

    the redirected provoke to everyone on s2 is just too op, u can tone down by just the opponent who hit it instead of everyone

    is s3 passive? thats what I get, or its active and passive in the same time?

    and I dont understand the downgrade on s1 before and after awakening, maybe its not downgrade, but rather completely change his skill purpose, so maybe just remove activaste IMGONNA DIE on s1, and let it be activate on s2, just like the name (when he get hit)

    IM GONNA DIE: maybe change the order to cleanse >>> sleep >>> attack
    so he will get 20% cr push, and make more sense on his role and the name of the skill

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