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Feature to transform Phantasma between item and unit [3]

Heroes space never enough and the main reason is because of phantasma. Please add system that can transform phantasma into consumable item to save hero slots.

Example :

Mega dog 5* lv.40-50 (unit)  >  Mega dog 5* collar (item)

When you want to use dogs to upgrade hero, you can use this consumable item to get 5* mega dog lv.40 as unit add to your hero inventory.

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    2022.05.28 22:19 (UTC+0)

    "Heroes space never enough"

    There are substantially less heroes than 300. So no, it's definitely enough. Freeing up an extra 10-20 isn't going to make whatever inventory issues you currently have suddenly disappear. You'll just run adventure an extra couple times and then still be full.

    Manage your stuff better.

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    작성자 2022.05.29 02:03 (UTC+0)


    I'm an old player. I upgrade many to 6* and don't have much interesting heroes left to upgrade. I have nearly 40, 5* dogs now and seem to be more in the future. Only my 6* heroes already took 166 slots and most of the rest are 3* 4* SSS while storage are most dupe heroes.

    I think the way to transfer phantasma between heroes and item isn't hard to code/implement because it isn't affect loading time like add more inventory slot and no varieties of substat as well. It's just blue/gold/black dog lv.40 or 50 item, just new 6 consumable items and yeah no loading time increase because heroes still at 300.

    This will help players in long term, imagine more new heroes in 2-3 years. Even you will surely have this issue in the future too.

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    2022.05.29 19:04 (UTC+0)

    I still disagree and will suggest a different solution.

    Dogs are just fodder. There is no difference. So if you want to move dogs out of inventory, might as well want fodder to be moved out of inventory too, but they can't really do that.

    What they can (and should) do, is allow dogs to be moved to the waiting room. That would make dogs just as manageable as any other type of fodder. Right now I can't bring any dogs to max 4* because if I 5* them they will have to sit in inventory until used instead of me being able to move them to the waiting room like the others. That's the change I want.

    As far as new heroes coming along, yes, and that's when they will offer an increase via skystone.

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