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RTA Connection Freeze at Draft (Fire Warrior Vildred?) [3]

Per the title, 

I've been encountering (more than usual lately) a bug (maybe an exploit?) In RTA arena wherein the game freezes at the draft before the option to ban a hero/heroes even comes up. The opponents connection bars show all black (not even a single red bar), and I'm stuck waiting until I relaunch the game. I've tried waiting upwards of 15 minutes to no avail. 

Something I noticed when looking at the match history from the battle log was that in those instances it was showing my opponents had banned two copies of what looks like a ~fire elemental, ~warrior, Vildred. 

The two screenshot I've attached also show that this occurs in multiple regions. 

I'm genuinely unsure, and don't want to jump to the assumption that something nefarious is being done or used to lock up the game - but definitely frustrating as I'm getting dinged with a loss by forfeit each time this happens, and as someone relatively new I'm struggling enough to keep up with most players in RTA as it is. 

I've read other accounts of people experiencing similar bugs so I know it is not an isolated issue, but those threads don't seem to have too much traffic so my intuition tells me that it's a narrow demographic of people this is affecting. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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