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Aria countered ml Clarissa after she was already dead

  • DudeWat
  • 2022.05.23 17:05 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 54

Enemy kitty Clarissa used S2, hitting my entire team;

My ml Celine and Aria both trigger a counter attack;

My ml Celine is faster, so counters first, dealing enough damage to kill Clarissa;

Aria moves next, hitting the empty space where Clarissa used to be and another unit.

What should have happened:
Clarissa dies to Celine's counter;
Aria sees that her target no longer exists, doesn't do her counter attack.

That's how units with single target counter attacks work, maybe this is intended for Aria (and ml Tenebria), but if that's the case then Clarissa should stick around to take Aria's hit before disappearing (the way dual attacks work) .

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