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Pet food increase, decrease leveling costs [2]

I'm a day one player, and saved over 300 tickets.

Please lower the cost of making 5* pets and increase the amount of "Normal Food" we can buy one week. 3x food is enough to level 1* pets to lvl10, but the cost to level a 3* or 4* to max is like weeks of waiting for NOTHING. It's been ages and I have not been able to level even a single pet to 5* after failing to level all i had on a 98% chance to upgrade.

The cost of pet level is too high and the timegate is ridiculous. No one in this game cares about pets! We only care about the repeat battle count and sub stats, yet SG is going out of its way to make this part of the game as painful as possible.

Increase food amounts.

Decrease leveling costs from 4* to 5*.

Decrease the unnecessary amount of frustration in this part of the game.

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    2022.05.26 03:25 (UTC+0)

    "I'm a day one player, and saved over 300 tickets"

    Then you should have had closer to 1000 by now like I did, so something is already wrong and I will expose what it is because you can count days yeah? Pets haven't been a feature for a year.

    You planned poorly and are unwilling to wait and are asking for a nerf because you personally feel it's too long even though it's not. I'm almost done my 4th 5star pet already and I'm an ACTUAL day1 player. Wanna know how I know you plan poorly?

    "I have not been able to level even a single pet to 5* after failing to level all i had on a 98% chance to upgrade."

    Why in the world would you just do the enhance at 98% and not do the extra 2? Because you thought the chance was low enough and then got screwed because of your impatience?

    You tempted fate by not simply waiting a couple days and adding one more fodder and now instead of having a guaranteed pet after that week, you set yourself back 4-5 weeks when it was all avoidable.

    Learn your lesson.

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    2022.05.26 03:34 (UTC+0)

    Like imagine playing a game that shows how randomness can work for and against you, not taking the opportunity to eliminate all randomness from your result when you could have, and then getting mad when your luck is bad. You dug your own grave and you not being able to make a 5star yet is clearly all your fault.

    No nerfs. Just need a buff to your level of patience because you screwed yourself.

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