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Hwayoung Rerun when? [14]

Its been a lot since Hwayoung had her rerun banner. I need her so bad!!!

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    2022.05.21 10:41 (UTC+0)

    I'm pretty sure won't be back in a while considering the fact that her first banner was relatively recent.

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    2022.05.21 10:51 (UTC+0)

    It's been just 3 months since her release,don't expect her anytime soon

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    2022.05.21 12:35 (UTC+0)

    Yeah, don't bother spending bms on any other ST nuker in this game anymore. Hwa is better than every single one of them.

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    2022.05.21 12:39 (UTC+0)

    Cant wait for her rerun. I need to make her SSS

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    2022.05.21 13:51 (UTC+0)

    Or try your luck at fire elemental summons.

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    2022.05.21 14:15 (UTC+0)

    this is why current e7 cancer

    already asked rerun for cancer unit SMH

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    2022.05.21 23:30 (UTC+0)

    Just pull her off covenant like I did 

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    2022.05.22 14:43 (UTC+0)

    I wonder if OP is really asking this question or just trolling... so stupid

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    2022.05.31 02:50 (UTC+0)

    Start collecting red element and pray you get her. I got a dupe that way

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