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Just some QoL suggestions 1. [2]

As the title says to make it easy i'll do it in bullet point.

- ML 5 star selector for Galaxy coins. Its been mentioned before and it makes a lot of sense as opposed to the current rotational system. They just need to make it a special selector that doesn't have any new ML 5* that is less than 6 months old to preserve the mystic system. It'll make getting a dupe less of a "oh great, now to wait and see if the ML i want hits rotation" and more of a "neat, X more dupes and i get what i want". It will also help balance RTA as the "broken" ML's will be available..... mostly. 

- RGB 5 star selector for Covenant coins. Same reasons as the ML. just a QoL thing. 

- Skystone Purchasable unequip voucher. They have one for XP gain and for gold gain. Make sense to have for unequip. do it for a reasonable price (300 or so) for a 12 hour. Give people the option to go that path if they want to push abyss or GW or w/e. It's helpful for the people who have limited play time as well as they can't always maximize unequip weekends. 

- This one a little bit of a stretch but Main stat changers. So much good gear is gotten that goes to waste due to wrong main stat. Make them limited to get like sub stat re-roller. Or even make them event or side story tied or make them a weekly purchase like ego fragments. It would help people get the targeted gear without having to rely on equipment conversion as the resource to re-forge those are heavily RNG. Being able to change out 1 main stat on a hunt boss would help that out. 

That's all I got for now. Will make another post if i come up with other ideas but i feel those are some pretty good ways to help alleviate some of the RNG strains people feel while also keeping solid reasons to continue player engagement without having things handed out easily.  


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    2022.05.21 11:03 (UTC+0)

    About the main stat change

    It would be great if there was such a thing even if we are allowed to do it once a month
    Sometimes I get some gear with nice subs and bam...feels so bad

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    2022.05.21 22:02 (UTC+0)

    .... I'm all in for the selectors....and honestly to those guys who will say...."no that's not good because everyone will get op units and blah blah"...oi only a small percentage of players actually play rta...most just want to collect heroes...that includes...me....lol...nice if this becomes a reality....but i highly doubt it....

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