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Will I make it? [12]

Will i make it to pity?

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    작성자 2022.05.19 18:44 (UTC+0)

    Honestly I don’t know how they are trying to “esporstify” the game when they make a custom mystic banner and expect you to have 10k mystics sitting around waiting for this. I only managed to save up about 4K mystics from the first time a heard of the event. The pity doesn’t even transfer over. I could have pitied on the normal mystic banner already. They should have at least halved the pity 

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    2022.05.20 05:38 (UTC+0)

    You could do some secret shop refreshes. :) I do it myself as well when I am close to pity, and imo it is worth it. Some people hate the shop but sometimes you can have many medals, just rng, but we already play this game so rng is a daily basis. 


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    2022.05.20 06:40 (UTC+0)

    You just need 70 more summon

    Which equal to 70x50 : 3500 mystic medal

    As a f2p myself, it is not worth it, it is the same as going to normal pity. But if lucky you can get 2 unit, if you hit that 200 summon or get riolet before the 2nd selection. 

    Will you make it, of course. Mystic medal are scarce. But u have 15k skystone so just keep refreshing. 

    It is more not worth it if you don't get anything after 130 summon you already did. 

    Ps: good luck. He migh come in 131 summon or even 145 summon, who knows

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    2022.05.20 06:55 (UTC+0)

    Personally I like the custom Mystic summons. I'm also F2P. Depends on your luck I guess. I pulled Hand Guy in 74 pulls, and I still get to keep the galaxy coins for the next round. Am I correct that I can use these coins on the second ML5 that you can select? If so, then it's like there's no reset back to 200 summons unlike the normal Mystic summons. Isn't that better?

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    2022.05.24 03:21 (UTC+0)

    1. There's a *second* banner coming. So you could put the same hero on the banner (but you won't have to)
    2. The coins don't disappear.

    3. According to the post and clarification from Mashuu, you'll be able to use the coins on the hero you want.
    4. The banner *overall* doesn't end until Sage Vivian comes out (July 26th I think), so you have more than enough time. Even if you had zero mystics to start, with the free mystics they give us, mystics from hunts, mystics from Guild War, monthly log ins, and shop refreshing w/e ss you get from weekly Arena (or just taking the mystics), you'd be able to get a full pity regardless. 

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