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.... can't get enough of those damn liefs and charms...lol.... [5]

....i just can't help but compare the recently done 1st part of the 3 week event of emma in Shinning Beyond....to the new dice event in e7..same mechanics but the rewards...not so much....liefs charms 200k are  the top rewards in this event.... pretty bland if i may say....compared to Emma  dice event rewards in SB...Emma shards and acolyte orbs amongst other things...are all prime commodities in the game .....just sayin'....

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    2022.05.19 12:52 (UTC+0)

    Just please break up your comment in paragraphs, my eyes are bleeding everytime someone is writing a post like this

    but why do people compare other games with e7?

    did you not get the Mystic Medal Login Event?

    did you not use the revamp moonlight summon tickets?

    did you not enjoy the awaken update reward?

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    2022.05.19 13:55 (UTC+0)

    they gave us a ton of good stuff in the awakening update and you guys are still crying. lol

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    2022.05.19 15:04 (UTC+0)

    Are you some kind of speedrunner that has to reach ultimate endgame in a month or something ?

    Its okay to not storm through the game

    Enjoy your other games, no need to make some ''ex-advertising'' for other titles bruv.

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