How to link Twitch Drops Account and Obtain Rewards
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How to link Twitch Drops Account and Obtain Rewards

Watch the Epic Seven stream on Twitch to get Twitch Drops rewards.

Watch streams by Epic Seven Influencers and receive in-game items. 


What are Twitch Drops?

Through the Twitch Drops campaign, Heirs are granted in-game items when they watch Livestreams on the official Epic Seven channel or by an Epic Seven influencer. Click here for more details. 

You can check out news of the Twitch Drops activation on STOVE or the official channel. Also, if you follow us on Twitch, you can receive a notification before the Livestream begins. 



■ How to link Twitch Drops account and obtain rewards 

To obtain the Twitch Drops viewing reward after watching the Epic Seven Livestream, you must first link your account. Heirs will only need to link their account once and they will be able to receive Twitch Drops rewards after doing so. 

1. Go to the Twitch Drops Account Link page and then log into Twitch.


2. Enter the in-game information of the account to receive the Twitch Drop rewards on. (Server, Nickname, Membership Number)



3. Confirm if the linked account is correct. 


4. Watch content by Epic Seven Creators (influencers) for a minimum of 15 minutes to earn rewards. 

- To earn the rewards for Twitch Drops, there will be a [Drops Enabled] mark during the broadcast.

- After watching the Drops-activated livestream, the Twitch Drops reward will be sent to your inventory.

- You can find the specific watching hour requirements for Twitch Drops in the event notice.

※ The image above is an example and may differ from the actual page.

- If you watch drop-activated channels, Twitch Drops will begin from the start of viewing, and you can check the progress through the Drops menu that is displayed when you tap the profile picture on the upper right corner of the Twitch website. 

- Alternatively, you can check the progress of Twitch Drops through the progress gauge in your Twitch account inventory and receive Drops only when the gauge reaches 100%. 


5. Rewards: After achieving the conditions in the Twitch account inventory, tap the [Receive Now] button on the linked page to activate rewards.

- You can earn Drops rewards by tapping the [Receive Now] button that appears on the content creator’s channel or the pop-up notification of your Twitch inventory. (Within 24 hours) 

- Access the Twitch Drops Account Link Page to select the reward you can receive and tap the [Receive] button.

※ The image above is an example and may differ from the actual page. 


6. Log into the game and receive Twitch Drops rewards from your mailbox. 


※ Rewards can be obtained once a day per account.

※ The viewing reward reflects the cumulative watching time even if you watch other content creators on the same date. However, it is only normally reflected when you watch one video on one channel. 

※ Rewards will be sent to the mailbox immediately after tapping the [Receive Now] button in the Twitch Inventory by selecting the date on Twitch Drops Account Link Page

※ If the player does not tap the [Receive Now] button for 24 hours after the campaign ends, they will no longer be eligible for the reward.  

※ If you have not received the in-game reward on the Twitch Drops Account Link Page after receiving the reward from the Twitch Inventory, you may receive them at any time within the reward period. (Storage Period: 7 days)

※ The details of the Drops reward can be found in your Twitch account inventory. 

※ When you obtain Drops rewards on Twitch, in-game rewards will only be sent to the account of the server you selected when linking your Epic Seven account.

※  You can achieve the viewing mission on the iOS Twitch app, but you cannot receive compensation from the inventory in the Twitch app.
- If you want to receive compensation, please access Twitch with your PC browser.


Twitch Drops with Epic Seven Content Creators (Influencers).

Watch diverse streams and get in-game rewards. 


We will do our best to continue preparing fun events for our Heirs.


Thank you.


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