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Isn't HoT Faustus way too overloaded [15]

Compared to the other bosses for the same reward

You cannot use warriors,you cannot use fire heroes(which means both Lilias are out),you need to have buffs on you which you will give to him,you are punished for dual attacking,the only dps green mages we have are Ludwig and the limited Ram which not everyone have..and that's not all,the list goes on and on

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    2022.05.16 05:46 (UTC+0)

    Eh it’s just one boss rotation lol if you’re too weak to do it just skip it and do the other bosses 

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    2022.05.16 06:29 (UTC+0)

    I can auto and still get over 4 mil points, easy 

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    2022.05.16 06:46 (UTC+0)

    Just use the free Vivian from the hunt challenges, ez

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    2022.05.16 09:04 (UTC+0)

    Fautus skills/conditions look too much but he is easy because of

    - His minions are weak

    - Just have a buff while attacking and he will not self CR push while other bosses CR push nearly all the time

    - His S3 cd is long

    In final phase, I can kill him before he use S3. My vivian using hunt build, so if lower speed + rage set will surely do higher score and change Landy to S.Tene/Ram.

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    2022.05.16 10:53 (UTC+0)

    Wow someone overreacting and coming to conclusions over things that were still yet to even be playable only to be proven wrong shortly after. You never see that here.

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    작성자 2022.05.16 14:49 (UTC+0)

    I think everyone is missing the point here,I never said he is strong,just that he puts too many restrictions on you COMPARED to the other bosses

    Compare how many skills he have and restrictions that he puts on your vs the old bosses

    None of those heroes are equipped to deal big damage nor prepared in any way for that content and AOLA is even with really low stats and just 218 speed(barely faster than my Vivian with just 3k atk,233cd and 207speed on a speed set)

    SSB is was there mostly for the def break and the adds and Roana to deal with the extra attacks

    That score is also on auto.

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    작성자 2022.05.16 15:13 (UTC+0)

    Just tried another run by replacing SSB with SBA(just for a test)and of course they dual attack million times in a row and she died during the def broken state

    So 15% was not enough,now we have to worry those 5% to not proc

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    2022.05.16 15:48 (UTC+0)

    -3.8m on auto

    pick one because it's not both. Like what are you honestly expecting? And what do the number of restrictions matter if they're all soft and barely make a difference? Wow you can't use Cermia. Are you now that hopelessly lost without her?

    You literally had several responses telling you it's easy and even people in the discord are saying he's weak yet you continue to complain about "worrying about procs". Like how long have you been playing? You've been worried about procs since minute one.

    Fastus is one of the easiest trials but I guess since you can't auto to an immediate SSS because you have to figure out a team, the sky is now falling. *** forbid you maybe manual something for 5mins once every 14 days. No. Instead of manualing for 5mins for an easy SSS+ where you don't even have to clear and can then auto to your death, you spend hours trying to auto new content and complaining you can't right away. Like lol? You're doing your best job wasting your own time.

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    2022.05.16 16:34 (UTC+0)

    Its pretty easy honestly. I don't think he's over buffed at all. 5.2mill on auto. 

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    2022.05.16 16:41 (UTC+0)

    I didn't find him to bad myself, but I was disappointed that there were no Dagger Sicar rewards for him.

    This is what I got on my first try, no point re-doing him for a better score as... no Dagger Sicar incentive. I didn't even use the +30% damage artifact (due to me forgetting about it).

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    2022.05.17 08:36 (UTC+0)

    i honestly think it was not hard. Just using Vivian and Violet get me to 4 mil. and that is without the damage artifact.

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    2022.05.17 23:25 (UTC+0)

    Vivian is given for free for any player who can put together a half ass Banshee team, and she alone can anchor a trial team that scan score nicely vs Fastus.

    Lack of warriors or fire element or any of the other limitations mean nothing, as other trial bosses are not only limiting, but often have annoying built-in mechanisms that exacerbate the difficulty of having to overcome said limitations.

    This trial boss is no where near the degree of annoying of any of the other trial bosses.

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