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Kise [2]

  • CommanderTHCell
  • 2022.05.15 16:05 (UTC+0)
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When is kise’s skin? 

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    2022.05.15 16:13 (UTC+0)

    Was there a Kise skin even teased ?
    I dont recall anything like blue Kise skin ever being even teased....

    Maybe you mean JKise (ml) and her addition to the shop ?

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    2022.05.16 22:13 (UTC+0)

    As above noted, if you're talking about blue Kise, there has been nothing mentioned about her getting a skin, so there's no reason atm to think she is getting one. If you mean JKise, her RTA skin was awarded the RTA season before the last. These are added to the skin token shop a couple seasons after given for the RTA award, so it won't be until the current RTA season is over, which we don't have a date for. 

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