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Guild War [2]

Why won't Anyone attack my Defense ?! :(
I just want to see how my Fire Maya will perform.
Is she that intimidating :)

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    2022.05.16 01:28 (UTC+0)

    uuuhhh no. 

    if they were intimidated then its probably because of tsurin and stene.


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    2022.05.16 10:57 (UTC+0)

    That team gets soloed by SSB and your bottom team only has a single threat that is very easy to eliminate. So no, there's absolutely nothing special about your teams or that maya and I hope for your sake this is a troll.

    I like how you also cropped out the attack times and the sort button so you could have just set it to show attacks, as if that would have made a difference to how ridiculous this post is lol.

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