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Is Chloe the only hero that applies unconditional debuff in pve? [2]

What I mean by unconditional is,not requiring something(buff\souls or an extra hero that grants a buff to ally)to apply a debuff

Chloe - unless the target evades,she WILL debuff the target(no immunity on the target of course)

Melissa - don't work on bosses

Ken - requires a buff so he cannot debuff a target in turn one unless I have C.Lilias

I.Khawazu - detonates the burns so you cannot use those debuffs like Chloe

Baiken - the same if she crits so that adds an rng.not like Chloe

Aramintha - she had ignore er on s1 before but they remove that and it was an rng because it was not 100%

ML Ara - requires souls

and so on

Unless I am missing someone(there are so many heroes),Chloe is the only one(correct me if I'm wrong)

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    2022.05.14 06:35 (UTC+0)

    Well... ( cannot be resisted) skill like these are the ones that will hit not matter the rng unless miss.

    Also as long the boss is not immune to it 

    Even ignore ER sometimes miss

    I think only chloe have it. Since magic nail is unique 

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    2022.05.14 21:57 (UTC+0)

    Pretty much, yeah. It's why she was such a big part of Wyvern comps back in the day, since you basically got a guaranteed debuff out the gate, making it much easier to enable a rage set and/or Sigret. But the power of that debuff has always been kept down because of it. 

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