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PVE difficulties and Unequip fine tuning

  • Magwizard
  • 2022.05.14 05:12 (UTC+0)
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Dear Manager,

I am a pretty new player to the game for less than two months but I spent lots of time playing (account rank 58 ) and for the most part i enjoyed it except for some problems that hinders my progress and feel disappointed .I believe my problems would be common for any new players excluding those old players having multiple accounts. some of the PVE content are really difficult for me, for example, my main team can easily be wiped out by the current taeyou chapter 10 boss in normal difficulty . And I can not pass untold story epilogue chapter 10. I stoped doing 50+ level abyss since it was so boring and tedious to progress even one level. I have very hard time to reach lower level contribution reward of world boss even if I made two try each day. I don’t do raid nor expedition , they scares me so much. then I realized the reason for that is my equipment level and some of my hero’s gears are not configured correctly.

The problem is I don’t really have the resources to unequip my gears easily since it costs so much gold, also as new players , we have a much higher rate of changing equipment because only a handful of equipment are good on hand, most gears on hand are trash that can be easily replaced by a new item dropped in hunt if we got lucky or those in adventure treasure chest .
so We are facing a dilemma , do we change the new gear or not? Also since the gear change for one hero would also affect other heros : since a lot of heros currently have trash gears.one heros unequiped gear could be precious to another hero. I even used some blue rare ones for my main team member.

I know the reason you guys designed the unequip system to deter some players using the same gear for different heros , I do not oppose it, however, I don’t think it would benefit for the game to expand new player base in the long run. Since there are so many mobile games options nowadays.

I know you guys have a free unequip event once In a long while,I experienced once or so ,however,this event opened in the weekend, but This event was not helpful for people like me who have to work full time till evening in the weekends. So we could not benefit much from it. also I kept getting mediocre new heros that I do not want to upgrade nor have the resources to, but they took so much storage room and waiting room space.I know you guys want us to expand our storage limit, but how do you feel to store a bunch of unused stuff in your pocket that make you a had time trying to find the stuff you want to use.

I don’t know the optimal way you guys should fine tune this system. Maybe give newer players some extra time periodically to unequip our gears , But the current one would definitely make a lot of new players stop to advance and lose interest . I played plenty of similar games  tales of crestoria, 7DS, saint sanya , etc This is the first time i have been deterred to participate in game modes due to the unbalanced system design.

 Best regards

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