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Idea - assign gear to character function


     -Abyss and finding the right gear. 

     -Not wanting to break up gear for certain characters

     -After beating a level, having to put the gear back to the right character without having many screenshots to compare.

     -Even with screenshots, a lot of the gear will look the same.

     -This problem, I'm guessing, keeps people from attempting Abyss


    -Within the character view, have a way to assign or mark each gear piece to that character

    -Maybe have assign their portrait in one of the corners of each piece of gear or "Assign gear to character" button

    -Have a button that returns the character's gear to the character

I think this is a good idea and I hope others will too. I have faith that this community will get this idea, if it is good enough, to the right developers/people.

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