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Please allow us to obtain more gold [1]

For the love of *** please give us more gold. Whether by reducing the cost of everything (crafting, enhancing, equipping, ect), by increasing the gold received (Sanctuary, Hunts, Spirit altar, abyss purifying, selling gear, selling penguins, ect) or by introducing new ways (Gold weekly challenge, a section in the ''battle content'' where you can literally farm gold).

You could also do a mix of everything mentioned above. Gold has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest bottleneck in epic seven.

Thank you

Have a good one

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    2022.05.13 05:29 (UTC+0)

    All farm content could use a tiny buff to gold but more importantly they should just finally buff side content rewards like World Bosses. Even the epic pass rewards are pathetic for the "price". 

    Keeping in mind that all the resource scarcity is artificial so they can put them into random packs and pretend they are now worth 50 dollars while giving only 10 pulls. Or once they give some extra they can look like they are listening or are generous, while it's a problem they created on purpose in the first place. 

    And no, they shouldn't instantly remove the need to grind or anything. Just buff it a little to make look like it values your time (and leifs) more.

    Just look at the price tag they put on these mats. The new expedition pass costs 1500 (!!!) SS just for 3 more molas, one more reforge for each set, half a ml 3*, maybe enough gear exp to get something to level 12 etc

    1800 SS are being sold for 50 dollar. And yeah you get that somewhat "easily" by playing but that's not the point.

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