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Guild Recruitment

Waifu Pro is Recruiting! [Global/Lv. 20/Top 100 push]

Guild Name: WaifuPro 

Server: Global

Members: 29/30 

Slots Available: 2 (moving two members to our casual guild, which is also recruiting)

Rank: 250 (we were rank 80 earlier in the season)

Goal: We're trying to push as far into top 100 as possible.

Multiple of us are streamers and can help you live if you need it!

------Guild Perks-----

- 24/7 Buffs

- Friendly, Fun, and slightly degenerate discord/stream community that has multiple helpful channels and numerous people

- Custom E7 emotes (regular and animated)

- Guild focused on helping members get stronger

- Guild War Scouting Reports and Guild War attack assistance

- Veteran Players who are more than willing to help players grow

----Guild Requirements----

- Level 70

- Must join Discord

- Requires (simple) Application process

- Challenger+ RTA or higher or Champion+ Arena

- Guild War (3/3 attacks b4 maint), Weeklies and Ancient Inheritance when available

- Donate/Req Aid daily (claws and runes, we have a catalyst trade channel)


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