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Sage baal & sezan (now)or maid chloe ( next rotation?) are those still good? [6]

In GVG, sage baal and sezan, he always cut my opener, make all my unit to sleep. So is he worth pulling? 

I almost never see him at RTA, but that cut that make all unit sleep is kinda OP in arena and GVG. 

Met him at rta once or twice but he work really well as debuffer. 

Is there anyone using him at RTA? 

Also is maid chloe still useful considering now there are spirit eye celine? Thanks. 

In arena, the enemy maid chloe are never debuffed ( don't know how high the effect ressist) but i always lost to

 ( a. Ravi, maid chloe, spirit eye celine + rem) 

These two are the one i still deciding to pull or not. :

Sage baal to counter high speed unit ( counter cleaver) 

Maid chloe as to make gvg more safe ( she can revive whole team) 


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    2022.05.12 11:56 (UTC+0)

    fast ER baal is good. as for maid built her fast with very high hp + warhorn so she can take turns fast and heals the team. theyre not the best in the slot right now but fi you like their design and decides to pull their banners, you wont regret it

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    2022.05.12 12:25 (UTC+0)

    Maid gonna get new skin when this RTA season end.

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    2022.05.12 12:41 (UTC+0)

    For me, when I first saw Sage Baal I wanted him so bad and finally got him through the Custom Mystic Summons. I like the aoe sleep, fast cycle characters that can cut enemy turns.

    Maid Chloe is also good too, aoe revive, stun on S1 and passive heal. If you build her high EffectRes she is so annoying.

    But did you already summon on the Custom Mystic banner? It is better since u can chose baal and maid in two sessions and you still can get a chance if you get lucky to get both.

    So you choose Baal and eventually get him after 100 summons and you have 100 milage coins. if you choose Maid after (i think from now on) 2-3 weeks you can summon for her and get her with the 200 milage coins.

    I would rather summon on the custom banner.

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    2022.05.12 14:35 (UTC+0)

    Sage baal and sezan ER, if you want to make your opponent in pvp annoyed. 

    The moment you choose ml baal, it change opponent hope to despair

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