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Should Epic7 had given a selector when permanent hero hunt got added? [11]

  • EmberRain
  • 2022.05.11 23:13 (UTC+0)
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Disclaimer: I like all the new updates, features and kind gifts for Epic 7.

- ( I’ve been playing for 2 months)

- Furthermore this is NOT an angry/hate/or annoyed post.
- This is a just general question.

- I changed the title

Thought process:

permanent content get added to fix game balance(hunt hero side objectives)—> older players(choose Sigret) gets a chance to pick something different for reroll pool selector ticket

(reroll selector = beginning selective 30 chance reroll 5*hero pool - just pick one 5*)

Main question

Question for veteran players: Would a reroll selector ticket be bad to give out?

maybe they can’t target mail players from before the free hero hunt event or to people who selected Sigret.
If it would be bad for the game. everyone please ignore this post/ I’ll delete maybe.

I ask because everyone that started before the hunt event, if they selected Sigret they’re first 5* was kinda pointless…wasn’t it? I Guess not all players picked Sigret tho…

I guess it just mentally makes sense but not possible technically maybe…

end of the day, it is what it is

good luck on your summons!

My experience (skip-able if you want)
The reason I’m generally and genuinely confused is because I’m a new player. I picked Sigret for my reroll summon because a quick google search showed that she was the best option according to most. So I selected her even though I wanted Ravi or Aramintha. I know I can get these hero’s eventually but that’s also why I’m so confused. I have to wait an unknown amount of time to get a hero I’d like try to get while spending most of my bookmark on limited once a year hero’s… it feels kinda like a long punishment for starting the game to early/ before the hunt event… Also because I spent money and got Sol bad guy so restarting would feel bad now otherwise I’d restart.
Am I the only one that feels kinda stupid for picking a meta hero rather than the one they just generally wanted/liked?

Now custom group summon, I know someone would say “but the custom group summom, just pick one there”

This is a far point, but I YouTube and followed the more veteraned players advise’s again….and picked ( Landy, Luna, and Tamarine)

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    2022.05.12 00:48 (UTC+0)

    Imho, no. These new hunt challenge are supposed to be a challenge so they give a gap to the level of players account and make it to be cleared when you can clear hunt 7 or above. I know that this is kinda punishing new player but seeing this event as a permanent, i dont think its that bad. 

    And for the selector tho, i think its fine to give a 1 5* rgb selector ticket for this event so players can choose a unit they want, or they could just make a list of 5* reroll characters up to episode 3 already, because it doesn't even matters at this point. 

    Well , your journey is still a long way lads, have fun, dont be discouraged, keep progressing , and have fun. 

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    2022.05.12 00:50 (UTC+0)

    No, New heroes that potentially replace heroes (especially free ones) are supposed to be other options to complete the content. Waifu > meta. 

    Selectors are not something that should ever been handed out freely and honestly i can see the dev's regretting even making them. But they did so lets not make them regret it. 

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    2022.05.12 02:06 (UTC+0)

    They added this event to get new players in to kind of get somewhat of a direction to start this game (3 yr+ old already). Imo these free 5* for veterans are very good because imprints are always nice whether you imprint on ML or RGB. It's unfortunate if they selected sigret as their first 5* and them adding this but it's how it is. You don't know what they are gonna do/add in the future. Some example like how they made adin quest ridiculously grindy and then BAM one day they nerfed it to make it so much easier. Should people who did it day1 that spent thousands of energy to complete it be compensated? No, they won't. 

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    2022.05.12 03:12 (UTC+0)

    파이널 판타지 7과 콜라보를 할 수 있나요?

    Can we have a Final Fantasy 7 collab?

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    2022.05.12 04:08 (UTC+0)

    I imagine the only people who have these heroes and their ML versions all SSS are whales, to whom a selector is irrelevant since they likely already have every available unit, most of whom they also likely already have SSS. Giving away a selector here defeats the intended purpose - to get newer players a jumpstart on hunts and decreasing the pressure rolling for those hunt dps. 

    As a new player, since you seem to want to be at least semi-serious, Sigret was still the better choice, as now you can at a minimum use that imprint, which will help you gain a stable Wyvern team faster. She needs relatively good gear and to cram a lot of dps stats. Her self-imprint at least eases some of that burden. When you 're a few more months down the line and you 're wanting to speed up your runs or figure out consistency issues, you 'll want to SSS her. Sigret even now is probably the best choice for a new account for anyone not looking at this game as just a slow-burn waifu/husbando collector. 

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    2022.05.12 07:36 (UTC+0)

    If I chose Sigret and they gave out Sigret for free, then that's an imprint. Win-win. 

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