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Please change / nerf Mortelix [1]

I know... You might be reading this and think to yourself: Isn't Mortelix that character you only see in the story or picked by those players who love shirtless guys?

You would be right... for the most part. If you read into his lore, this character is pure evil and his only reason to exist is to upset people and dragons alike. 

Now I for one love consistency with lore and skills. Look at Specter Tenebria, the godess phantom queen of illusions. The permanent stealth and s1 and s3 being interactive with each other is some of the best skill design in-game. Not only is it interesting but it fits her lore. So where am I going with this...

Mortelix exists to mess with people and he is the worst of the worst toward Senya and Alencia. Currently his skillset is forgettable unlike his story persona, so how about we change him...

First we give him a passive that makes it so he can not die, pretty much like his power in the lore. Then when it is his turn on S1 he pokes for no damage and just sits there. Will your opponent give up the fight in boredom? No! After 5 times of using his s1 we force the use of his s3, the animation plays and makes his shirt come off, a claw comes down and then...

He forfeits the fight for the person who picked him! Now that would be a change to fit with his lore background and that is very interesting. 

Sure, I have Mortelix and might be a little bias, but I think this change, although only affecting a very small portion of the player-base, would really help spice things up. Why press the top right button if you can just pick an immortal dragon who does it for you?

Would love to hear your thoughts and look forward to my thoughts on Ervalen next!

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    2022.05.12 14:33 (UTC+0)

    An extremely bold and based suggestion, I for one think it would improve the game experience for both the player playing Mort and the player facing him :^)

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