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Overall Game Experience Improvements (5/12) [2]

I have been playing the game daily for a while and have some suggestions that I think would make the game better.

1) Team Screen

a) Pets - Add a slider or dropdown setting to change the amount of auto repeat rounds to make it easier to farm a set amount

b) Teams - Allow us to copy, replace, and move teams in the Teams List

2) Equipment (Updated 5/11)

a) Greatly reduce or remove gold cost for unequip

b) Add a purchaseable scroll with gold for free equip removal (not too costly).

c) Increase the time limit for Free Unequip scrolls. Minimum should be 24-72 hours not 12 hours.

d) Reward more Free Unequip scrolls

e) Make Weekends and/or Wednesdays always Free to Unequip

f) Reduce the gold cost to upgrade equipment

- The gold cost should be reduced for using Charms, and greatly reduced when using equipment

- The gold cost for using previously enhanced equipment should be greatly reduced, especially at higher levels

3) Jump to Lobby Button / Icon

- Add a small button/icon in the top bar with energy, etc. or somewhere that is always on screen to move to the Lobby.

4) Arena - NPC Challenges

a) Remove the talk before and after fights

b) Ideally just remove them entirely. (It's no fun to repeat the battles over and over when you've beat them many times)

c) Instead maybe add a reward system similar to the Sanctuary's Heart of Orbis. To collect all Arena Tokens and Skystones for all challengers. The wait time for each challenger can remain the same, with a button to collect all

d) OR Balance it out and add sky stones to the arena rewards for every Xth battle, and sky stones bonus for win streaks

4.5) Arena

a) Add a checkbox/option on the Team Screen to always allow auto battle, to save some button presses

b) Reduce the gold cost to refresh opponents

c) Increase the Mystical Medals rewarded to somewhere equal with the amount of sky stones rewarded

5) Add a Quick Craft/Collect Screen to the Lobby (Updated 5/11)

a) A new collection icon/screen to instantly collect all rewards from Heart of Orbis / Forest of Souls / Collect All High Command Mission Rewards and another button to repeat all of the same missions again

- 1 button to collect Heart of Orbis rewards

- 1 button to collect all Forest of Souls rewards, and reduce Molagora time

- 1 button to collect all High Command rewards

- 1 button to repeat the previous High Command missions

b) An option to go directly to the Alchemists Steeple and Steel Workshop

5.5) Combine Buildings in Sanctuary

a) Building 1 - Combine High Command, Alchemists Steeple and Steel Workshop, so all functions can be used within 1 building

b) Building 2 - Combine Forest of Souls and Heart of Orbis, so all rewards can be collected at once

6) Pets

a) Allow more than 6 pets to be added to be synthesized

b) Add an option or button to press to show a pets skill information on screen. For example being able to check what Skill a pet has when using them to Synthesize

c) Add pets or more items specifically for increasing a pets level. (Possibly a Pet Dungeon that can be done for a limited amount of times per day/week)

d) Add a very rare item similar to Mod Gems to modify a pets skill to a choice of S rank, or an item to increase any current skill rank by 1 level (A > S, etc.) 

7) Secret Shop (Updated 5/11)

- The UI for the Shop badly needs a makeover. It's poor design to have to constantly scroll down to see all 6 items.

- Maybe remove unnecessary NPC icons, add a column for quantity, and reduce the space between items

a) Bookmarks, Mystic Medals, and Epic Level 85 equipment need a special highlight to separate them from regular items.

b) Items should automatically be sorted from top to bottom by rarity, or have a toggle-able checkbox option to sort them. (Mystic Medals always top, Bookmarks next, then Epic Equipment, then all other items below it)

c) Add an checkbox / option to mute the Shop Keeper's voice lines

d) Reduce gold cost of all items, especially Bookmarks and Mystic Medals

e) Remove lower level equipment as the Shop is upgraded. The final upgrade should only have 70-85 pieces.

f) Add a new tab at the top or on the left side with a weekly or monthly special / featured items section with exclusive bundles of Bookmark, Mystical Medals, Epic Equipment, Modification Gems, Runes, Catalysts, etc. deals buyable with Gold, Sky Stones, or a new item/currency from Adventure, etc. (Preferably gold).

g) Add a checkbox option to remove the confirmation window of using 3 Sky Stones to Refresh, so we can just tap the button to refresh

7.5) Adventure Shop / Rewards - New Items / Scrolls (Updated 5/11)

- Add new special items / scrolls to the Secret Shop. Special area to buy them either daily or weekly.

- Items / Scrolls can be 1 day, 3 day, or 7 day.

a) Add a new item / scroll to boost AP earned

b) Add a new item / scroll to boost Gold earned

c) Add a new item / scroll to boost Catalysts earned

8) Reputation

- Add a button to claim all rewards, either in each section or ideally for all sections with a screen showing all the rewards received

9) Adventure

- Similar to how the points were merged for Unrecorded History...

a) For each Episode all points should be merged

b) Add Battle Tickets - A function/item to receive rewards instantly from a stage once

- Either free daily/weekly limit of use, or a purchaseable ticket (Could be added to Adventure Shop)

10) Optimize Battle Screen (Added 5/11)

a) Resize all of the UI to fit everything without it having to be slightly scrollable horizontally

b) Hunt Screen - Shrink the size of each dungeon icon, so all 5 dungeons can fit on screen

c) Merge the secondary screens of all menus and add them as separate column(s) to the screen

- For example: Hunt Screen will have 1 column of all 5 hunts, then column 2 beside it on right with the stage numbers, then column 3 with the stage info + rewards

11) Skins

- Add more ways to earn Skin Tickets. (Currently they are very limited from Epic Pass and a few from Adventure Side Stories)

12) Improve Auto Battle AI & Loot Management (Added 5/12)

- Add a button to turn on or off all heroes skills

- Add a timer for stage clear time, overall time running, and average clear times

- Add new custom settings for Battle AI, and Loot Management

AI Setting Examples:

- Only use skills on boss, skill priorities / order of skills

- Focus on boss only / first, focus on monsters first

- Enable AI to use Souls - Set hero priorities / order for use, and guardian use

Loot Management Examples (Usable with Bag Icon, or After All Runs End):

- Auto Sell / Extract - Option to immediately sell or extract gear after run ends

- Option to Hold specific gear like Level 85 Epic

Thank you for the Awaken Update. It was a great move in the right direction for the game. Hopefully some of the suggestions could be implemented in the near future.

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    2022.05.11 10:39 (UTC+0)

    When we are already limited in how much we can farm by energy, being gated by gold aswell seems quite unreasonable, especially because there isn't a dedicated gold farming stage.

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    작성자 2022.05.11 15:11 (UTC+0)

    @DudeWat Yeah gold everywhere either needs to be increased, or costs greatly reduced everywhere. As the hero roster grows equipment, enhancement, skills, etc. costs increase exponentially.

    That's a good suggestion as well. Instead of having the Gold Goblin stages limited to events, add a repeatable daily/weekly Gold Dungeon and Catalyst Dungeon in Adventure or Hunt maybe.

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