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Guild Recruitment

[Global] Lv. 20 / Hypnoz

단원 수26 / 30
랭크 제한70
가입 유형공개(선별가입)
소개Kick if not do GW 2 times in a row or offine 3 days.

Hello everyone we’re looking for more member to join ours guild with minimum requirement below:

- Arena rank Champion V or above (prefer)

- Must participate in Guild War, win or lose doesn’t matter :)

- Do Guild quest

- Do Guild Inheritance

We also provide:

- 24/7 gold and exp buff

- 30 energy from guild rewards everyday

- Enemy fortress information of Guild War every round in Guild Discord

If you interested in ours guild you can search ”Hypnoz” and apply or leave your IGN below :)

TY for your interest

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