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Anyone else having problems buying expedition premium supply pass [4]

  • PinkyPieMori
  • 2022.05.09 21:07 (UTC+0)
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I keep clicking on it but nothing happens, no pop up to buy it, I thought maybe I need to get full points to buy the pass so I got 2k points on each but still can't buy it, I also tried downloading the game on another device (bluestacks) but still can't buy it

Anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have any solution? I submit an Inquiry 2 days ago but no reply from them 

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    2022.05.09 21:23 (UTC+0)

    I submitted a ticket for the same as well but nothing from their side till now. I guess they are looking into the issue? 

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    2022.05.10 21:20 (UTC+0)

    Had no issues with this. Just got it yesterday

    It's similar to the Epic Pass ones. Once you have it, then you click the shaded areas.

    But if it still doesn't work for you then it must be bugged somehow. I use Nox Player for mine

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