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Content Idea: Fortune Teller / Seer [4]

Here's a simple QOL improvement / idea that might make the game way more enjoyable and minimize frustration.  It would also address one of the most difficult problems in the game: gearing heroes.  

What if there was a "fortune teller" or "seer" that we could visit and - for a price - would allow us to see what a particular piece of gear would be at +15 enhancement? Make the currency to learn those stats something that can be earned by playing (ie, F2P friendly), preferably Stigma, but Brave Crests might work too. I can't tell you how many times I've crafted (or gotten as loot from a Hunt) what looked like a great piece of gear, only to have the stats not really increase when I dumped a lot of charms and fodder weapons into it. Because of the RNG in the game, this would be a way to take some of that uncertainly away when we roll something that looks awesome, and we're not sure whether or not to max it out.

What do you all think?

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    2022.05.09 20:19 (UTC+0)

    Highly unlikely to ever be a feature in the game. Functionally not plausible, as the rolls on each sub are determined at the time you roll them. Therefore, even if they randomly generated what a piece could look like at +15, it could, and likely would, be completely different once you actually rolled it. At that point, the prediction is no better than anything you could have made up on your own. The only alternative would be to lock in the result predicted, which I suppose could save resources over time on pieces you don't upgrade, but ultimately seems like just a separate resource dump that offers little benefit over just using good sense in upgrading pieces. 

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    2022.05.09 23:53 (UTC+0)

    this is a gear gacha! I played gacha games but it was never this hard to gear my heroes. Maybe if we could roll the existing gear stats with gold until it rolls well

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